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Topic: Lost in career choice

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  1. Bell24
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    12 January 2019

    I’m not sure wether this is the correct place to post this but I’m going to go ahead anyway. I’m 24 years old and I’ve been in a job I don’t particularly love and the pay is just average, for so long I’ve wanted to look at studying something else and doing more but I have just never been able to decide what’s best for me.

    I currently live with my partner across the country from my home town and family and friends for his career, because where we live rent is so expensive I can’t even imagine having to drop back to only a couple days of work to study.

    My partner is extremely supportive of whatever decision I make and is happy to support me if needed but I can’t bring myself to study what I don’t know what I want to do and put financial stress on him.

    id love to do it 100% online so I can still work and study but that also limits the courses I can do. I’m getting extremely stressed out on not being able to decide what I’d like to do and just scared to make any moves?

    Can someone please give me advice in my situation? I think I really enjoy things regarding the health system but no course I’ve found so far can be completely 100% online.

  2. romantic_thi3f
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    12 January 2019 in reply to Bell24

    Hi Bell24,

    Welcome to the forums and thanks for joining us.

    If I can understand correctly - you're currently working which you still want to do, even though you don't enjoy it, and you're looking for some study that's 100% online that will lead you into a career that you want. But you're not sure which course to do and that's stressing you out? Have I got that right?

    I am currently a student and all the courses that I'm doing are 100% online. Obviously it does depend on what interests you more as some healthcare courses require either placement or some interaction with students, but ultimately it's around working with your preferences and your needs.

    I'm not sure if you're a reader, but if you are I really recommend 'What colour is your parachute?' - it might be able to help in thinking about how your personality fits with your career - i.e. if you want to work in health, do you want to work 1:1, in teams, leadership, teamwork? Do you want to work in offices or out and about?

    and finally - this one - The career guide is by no means extensive, but it might give you an idea about the field of health in which you want to work in and the level of study you want to do (i.e. Tafe vs Uni).

    I hope this is helpful! I think that once you can get an idea of what you're more passionate about in the health industry, it will make it easier to make a move.

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  3. smallwolf
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    12 January 2019 in reply to Bell24

    Hi Bell24,

    romantic_thi3f has provided a number of good ideas for you to follow up on.

    You mentioned you "enjoy things regarding the health system" but the courses could not be done totally online. What sort of courses were you looking into? And what part of the courses or how much was not online? My guess is the practical elements. But it might be worthwhile to ring up the places you have looked at and have a chat to them over the phone? And it might only be for a few days every term. Would that work for you?

    I am unsure of this would work for you, but have you also considered study part time if you are worried about the financial aspects? I was doing a BTh which I have put on hold, and now doing a Dip. for a change of career (hopefully). Also, these days (at least since I was studying there is also HECS where the costs assoc. with study are deferred.

    Finally, you could also do is find some sort of related to the area that you want to get into as a stepping stone. By analogy, supposing a person wants to become a programmer but does not have the skills. That person might be able to start in support initially while studying. Either when a position opens up, or perhaps elsewhere and they have their qualifications they can do programming.

    Also and depending on the area you are looking at, TAFE might be a good choice also and give you the necessary qualification. My niece works in childcare having done a number of certificates through high schools and after.

    In my opinion if you can

    (1) work out what sort of job in the health industry you are interested in

    (2) determine required qualifications

    (3) what institutions will give you those qualifications


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