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Topic: I think I might have depression but I'm too scared to tell my parents cause I don't want to worry them

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  1. happyfrownychicken
    happyfrownychicken avatar
    1 posts
    6 July 2019

    Hi all

    I understand that people on this forum aren't professionals but I just wanted to seek out an unbiased opinion about what's going on in my life.

    For a while I've considered the thought that I have depression it's been about 2 years since I've been dealing with these awful feelings of self doubt. When I'm around friends and family it goes away like I've flicked a switch or something.There's a part of me that tells myself it's not a big deal and that I'm just being over dramatic. But every time I'm alone or even just left to my own thoughts these feelings return.I hyper analyse everything I say and do in my mind telling myself I'm stupid and why did I say that.Sometimes after going out with friends I convince myself they all secretly hate me and that I'm only there cause they pity me.Whenever I'm alone just have this undying sense of worthlessness and loneliness.I feel like nothing will get better and I will always feel awful.The amount of times I tell myself that the people around me would be better off without me has been happening far too often lately.I often get excruciating headaches(I've had an mri and they didn't pick up any problems) that I have to take serious migraine medication for. I also have had a lack of appetite recently.I told my mum about this and she said it definitely wasn't because of depression. I sometimes cancel going out with friends because I just feel like I'll get too anxious.When I'm with other kids my age I just feel like I'm not good enough and therefor I don't have a ton of friends cause I lack self confidence.

    Last month my dad took me to a career fair and I told him I was too overwhelmed by all the people and the stalls he said he didn't understand and wouldn't let me get out of the hall it was held in.I started to feel uneasy and lightheaded (hyperventilating) and my eyes started to water I ran outside the hall and my dad was upset with me.Every time I try to talk to my mum about these feelings she just tells me that It's normal to feel this way and I'll get over it.I'm not sure whether to believe her. I don't want to blow this way out of proportion but also I feel like something may be seriously wrong with me.

    I don't know if It's anxiety or depression or if this is all normal and I've somehow managed to just work myself up to this point.What are your thoughts? to put it into context I am a person in my mid-late teens

  2. Kiki207
    Kiki207 avatar
    30 posts
    7 July 2019 in reply to happyfrownychicken

    Hi happyfrownychicken,

    My name is Kiki and I am 12 years old. I also become extremely upset when I am alone, and I get frequent headaches, not migraines needing serious medication, just the sort of thing Panadol fixes.

    I am used to keeping my depression and inner thoughts to myself, so I haven't really told anyone. I have considered telling my parents so many times but my mum seems so depressed as well at times. I worry about her, and it only makes my depression worse, so I don't tell her.

    Enough about me. I think that if there's anyone else you can talk to, definitely go to them. When I feel extremely alone, I like to write my thoughts in a journal. It helps me a lot and afterwards I feel so much better. Normally when I do this its when I'm in bed, but can't get the overwhelming thoughts to clear. After I write, I can sleep easily. I highly recommend this for you and others in similar situations.

    I hope you find the best way for you to be the best you possible. Good luck, remember you are loved.



  3. wildcat101
    wildcat101 avatar
    10 posts
    9 July 2019 in reply to happyfrownychicken

    Hi I feel the same way too. I recently got a life changing injury that effect how much sport i can do for the rest of my life. because of this i lost that spark between me and my friends and i really don’t want to hang out with them any more and don’t really know what to do. my story goes on forever and ever i could keep talking for days

    I have tried talking to my mum but left out lots of details and she just keeps telling me to forget about it. I really don’t think i can though. i always think of how shit my life is and how sometimes it would be better if i wasn’t there. i worry most nights i think i am depressed but i read other people’s thread and they seem to have much more extreme problems then i do. i don’t really know who to talk to as no one else i really trust

    We are in this together let this be a space to keep talking and share how we feel. xx