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Topic: fear of failure going into year 11 and 12

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  1. Pale
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    11 September 2019

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a year 10 student from Queensland. It's the end of term 3 now, so it's approaching the time where we have to pick our senior subjects and make a plan for what we want to do for the next 2 years and how that will contribute to our future career plans.

    2019 so far has been the worst year of my life. I've been pretty much forced to attend school via distance education (which I like a lot better, so far). Autism and depression make it very hard to get through the day and complete assessment at a mainstream school. For whatever reason, I was managing (barely, lol) at the mainstream school until year 10, when it all came crashing down and I had a big mental health crisis.

    So basically I'm scared of that happening again and 'ruining' my year 11 and 12 results (aka the results that actually matter, probably). Distance education has been a big help, but I feel the depression creeping up again. I'm scared that I will lose all motivation entirely; not that I have much anyways.

    It doesn't help that depression has took away what interests and purpose I had in life. This makes it very hard to choose subjects and start mapping out what I might want to do with my career.

    Sorry this post is long, I kind of just needed to vent.

  2. sadgirlhours
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    11 September 2019 in reply to Pale

    Hey, I'm also a year 10 student. Its also near the end of term 3, but for some reason I had to pick my subjects in term 2. Picking subjects stressed me out SO much, I was legitimately up till 3am crying about it nearly everyday. I've already picked all my subjects, and here's some stuff I learnt during the process.

    It's really not worth worrying about. People kept telling me to stop worrying but I didn't understand. I continued to worry and stress myself out. But I realised that I was only gonna do these subjects for 2 years, and even if I do pick something I don't like, there's a big chance I can change to something else. I also realised that the subjects I pick won't affect my future that much. It honestly only affects your ATAR. So my advice would be to pick subjects you are genuinely interested in, and subjects that will be needed as a pre-requisite for uni courses.

    I have depression as well, and I barely have motivation in anything. I don't really like anything at all, and I wasn't interested in most of the subjects offered. So you can imagine how hard it was, watching people around me picking subjects they were passionate about, when I have no passion in anything.

    In the end I picked mainstream English, Further Maths, Maths Methods cuz most uni courses have this as a pre requisite, Chinese cuz I'm from Hong Kong lol, Business Management cuz I guess it's related to a lot of day-to-day activities (and most people from year 11&12 told me it was easy), Food Studies cuz it seems interesting i guess (?) and Geography.

    I don't know whether the subjects offered in your school are different but this is just what I ended up doing. If you're really struggling, talking to a careers teacher/your parents/a trusted adult might help. I really understand the stress and worry you must be feeling right now because i went through this too. I really hope this helped! (I'm sorry my reply is so long lol)

    Good luck and I support you <33

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