Learn more about anxiety and depression and understand what's going on
Why should I be made to feel like crap, just for being who I am?
Learn more about anxiety and depression and understand what's going on

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Going through tough times? Stress, anxiety and feeling down can affect anyone, and in fact happens to a lot of us at some point in our lives.We all have good days and bad days. However, if you're feeling sad, down or anxious and these feelings have started to affect what you would normally enjoy or do, then it's important to find out what's going on and what you can do about it.

The BRAVE Program
Anxious? It can get better.

If you are a young person who would like help managing your anxiety, The BRAVE Program is a free interactive, online program you should check out.

The Check-in App
Help someone you know

So you’ve got a friend who you’re worried about. Knowing how to talk to them about it can be the hard part. The Check-in app helps you plan your conversation so you know how you’re going to go about it.

Our forums
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Our forums are a place where you can share your experience of dealing with tough times, help others work out the hard stuff and learn ways to get better.

Experiencing anxiety during high school

Year 12 student James McIntosh has made this powerful film about experiencing anxiety during high school. 

James says, "I have made this film in hope that it helps to guide others who are still suffering from anxiety, encouraging them to seek help. I hope that perhaps it can also help people to identify feelings of anxiety that they do not know are even there."

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Our Ambassadors

Belle Brockhoff
Belle Brockhoff is a snowboarder who represented Australia at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. It was as a teenager that Belle first experienced the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety. Belle decided to become a beyondblue Ambassador so she could share her story and hopes to inspire other people to reach out to those who care about them and feel their support around them.
Belle Snowboarder and Olympian
Dane Farrell
Dane is a 24 year old rising Ironman star, competing as one of the top 16 ironmen in Australia. His commitment to raising awareness of depression and anxiety stems from his experience with supporting affected family members. Dane believes exercise and leading a healthy lifestyle helps create a positive environment for yourself and those around you.
Dane Rising Ironman star and beyondblue advocate
Tom Ballard
Tom Ballard is a stand-up comedian, writer, actor and radio presenter, best known for his work with national youth radio station triple j. Tom was motivated to become a beyondblue Ambassador because he is particularly excited about beyondblue's focus on the mental health of LGBTI youth.
Tom Stand-up comedian, writer, actor and radio presenter
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From the forums

21 and upset and angry over the fact i'm upset and angry!
I'm 21 years old and heading into my third year of university, I started at a new uni last year and felt really isolated and lonely in the beginning. Then I found a sporting team, we grew really close, but now all my friends have graduated and a new group has come through. The girls are younger and bitchy as hell. They give me dirty looks, make me feel like I'm not welcome. I get paranoid that...
1 replies
15 May
reply: 15 May
anxiety medication
Hi, I'm 22 and recently started experience severe anxiety.. I know it was my own fault for getting it to this level as i never seeked helped and i constantly worried about my appearance and partying and all the things that have a negative effect on your body and health. I attend the gym nearly everyday and i eat healthy and like to stay active.    I recently went to hospital for asthma...
2 replies
23 Apr
reply: 12 May
Need Advice for dealing with Centerlink.
Hi! I'm new to this forum.  To roughly summarise, i'm being treated for 'depression' though i have not been diagnosed with anything at this stage. I've had symptoms of Bipolar in the last year and severe depression. This is a relapse after i got everything under control 2 years ago and for the past 15 years of my life i've been back and fourth with doctors. Like most. In the past 7 months i've...
1 replies
12 May
reply: 12 May
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Personal stories

I used to wake up every morning and wonder if there was any point in getting out of bed and starting the day I had ahead of me. I avoided social situations and had self-image issues. I was scared of everything and didn't want to live life anymore. I had these feelings for a long time, years in fact but it wasn't until May 4, 2009 that I realised how wrong something was. Unfortunately, this was...
I had my first period of excessive anxiety when I was 15, and am now recovering after having a second experience from 2010, when I was 18. Throughout this time I have felt like I was in a bottomless pit, always scared of losing my mind or my loved ones. In 2010 I was making the transition from school to university. Like many others my age, I moved from rural areas to start a new chapter of my...
My name is Jacqui, I'm 25 years old and have lived with anxiety for 12 years. I first started having anxiety attacks on a daily basis when I was 13 years old. I had just started high school and to make matters worse I was bullied throughout Year 12. I was always the quiet girl who had problems opening up. When I was 16 years old I was in Year 10 and we had a health class and we were watching a...
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How can you help a friend?

Look icon
out for the signs
Want to know more about what to look for? Check out signs and symptoms for anxiety and depression.
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to your friend's experiences
Listening to your friend's experiences is really important. Sometimes you don't even need to say much.
Talk icon
about what's going on
Talk about what's going on... check out some tips on how to talk about depression and anxiety.
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help together
Learn about the different types of help available and where you or a friend can go to talk to a professional.

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