We can all experience anxious feelings sometimes – it might be about exam results, a job interview or even who will win the final of a sports match. These feelings are a normal part of life and can help us avoid danger or perform at our best. For some people though, their anxious feelings can be much more extreme. This anxiety is more than feeling stressed – it's a serious condition that makes day-to-day life difficult.


What is anxiety?

Anxiety can be part of your genetic and biochemical make up, as well as part of your personality.

There are many things that can trigger anxiety, such as your environment, stressful situations like school exams and/or problems within the family or a trauma. 

Some causes of anxiety might be genetics (a history of anxiety in your family), disturbance of brain activity, or a stressful event (like a family break-up, abuse, ongoing bullying at school, sexual abuse, a death, a relationship break up, family conflict).

How common is anxiety?

Anxiety is very common. One in fourteen young Australians (6.9%) aged 4-17 experienced an anxiety disorder in 2015. This is equivalent to approximately 278,000 young people.


What causes anxiety?

Anxiety is different for everyone, and there is no simple answer for why people develop the condition. For most people there is a combination of reasons.

There are a range of issues that affect how we think, feel and behave. Some people often develop anxiety after a stressful life event. It might begin with some feelings of sadness, distress or anxiety. Over time, these symptoms become more intense and overwhelming and can affect friendships, relationships and every-day life.

What you can do to start feeling better

With the right treatment and support, you can recover from anxiety. 

The recovery process from anxiety can be different for everyone and it is all about finding what works best for you. A recovery process does not mean that you have to work it out alone. With the help of friends, family and perhaps a health professional, you will be able to find the support you need.

You are not alone. No matter how dark it seems, the sun will always find a way of coming out.
Hayden, 20