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‘The Line’ campaign empowers young people to build respectful relationships

14 May 2015
A new social media campaign is helping break down gender stereotypes and challenging attitudes that support violence against women.

The renewal of ‘The Line’ campaign by Our Watch, the national organisation tackling domestic violence, comes as new research reveals that many young people are struggling to work out what healthy and respectful relationships look like.

A survey of more than 3000 young men and women, commissioned by Our Watch and undertaken by Hall and Partners Open Mind, found one in four young men believe that controlling and violent behaviours are signs of male strength.

The survey also found that one in six 12–24 year olds believes ‘women should know their place’, and one in three believes "exerting control over someone is not a form of violence".

‘The Line’ aims to tackle these concerning attitudes and encourage young people to break the cycle of violence, through activity across social media, supported by online articles and resources.

Find more information about The Line.

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