Join blueVoices

If you have a personal experience of anxiety and depression or you support someone who does, a great way to get involved with our work is to join our reference group and online community, blueVoices.
blueVoices  is open to anyone in Australia with this experience, and activities are conducted via an online portal and email, so regardless of your location you can take part.


How it works

At any one time, Beyond Blue is working on a variety of projects. We send our blueVoices members invitations to take part and share their feedback via email and online in the membership portal.

We try and send you activities which we think will be interesting to you based on your age, state, gender or experience of a mental health issue. A lot of the time when you are approached, it will be to help with Youth Beyond Blue projects but we will also send you opportunities to help with other areas of our work.

What will I do?

Each email you receive from blueVoices will detail what we are asking and how you can take part. There are a range of activities that you might choose to be involved in, these could include:

  • sharing stories for use in Beyond Blue's campaigns, information resources or projects
  • providing feedback on information resources, position statements or campaign materials
  • participating in committees and advisory groups
  • taking part in research projects
  • sharing personal experiences through the media.

You can pick and choose what you want to be involved in – you don’t have to take part in everything we send you and you can also unsubscribe at any time.


How does the blueVoices online portal work?

As a member, you get access to the blueVoices portal. This is an online space where you can connect with other members. There are opportunities to participate in discussions and take part in Beyond Blue activities.

How do I join?

To become a blueVoices member, please complete the online registration form. You must be 16 years of age and over to join blueVoices.

If you would like to be able to access the blueVoices web portal, please also join our Youth Beyond Blue online community.

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