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Topic: Worried about what I feeling lately

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  1. sweetflea
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    30 June 2019
    For the past few weeks I get this feeling like I'm in someone's imagination or dream. I feel as if I'm not real and everything I do, think, say and feel is someone controlling me through their imagination. I've been trying to get my life in check but this feeling show up out of nowhere at random times. It makes me wondering if I did something completely stupid would it actually happen and if I died what I actually die. I not sure what do about it, I used to get this feel when I was in high school, when my life was falling apart slowly. I went to different doctors and they told me nothing and that they don't understand. I have explain this feeling so many times when I was in high school. I'm afraid that they will say the same thing if I go see a doctor about this. I need help figuring this out. Has anyone felt this before?
  2. White Rose
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    30 June 2019 in reply to sweetflea

    Dear Sweetflea

    Your description of how you feel sounds a bit like dissociation. It would be worth while following this up first with your GP and then with a psychologist or psychiatrist.

    This is a long thread and may not apply much to you. I suggest you read the first page of posts as it may help and reassure you. Starwolf was an amazing person and her posts have always been good value. Sadly she no longer posts here. Copy and paste the above link into your browser.

    It's a pity previous GPs were unable to help but this is not their field of expertise. Can you write down your symptoms? Make a list and show your doctor. Tell the doctor it's been suggested it's dissociation. Not being a doctor myself I cannot make that diagnosis, you need an expert in the field.

    Discuss the best option for you with the GP. He/she may suggest a mental health plan and refer you to a psychologist, or may simply give you a referral to a psychiatrist. There are pros and cons for both so ask.

    I hope that helps you. Love to know the outcome.