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Topic: Work is making me depressed but I need the job

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  1. MrUmbreon
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    10 November 2018

    So I started my first job in over a year just over a week ago, and it's not making me happy, it's making me depressed, normally I love work, but this job is just taking it out of me. On my day's off I'm not happy, I am worried about what the next work day will bring, the things that used to bring me joy don't anymore. I try to keep up the pace but I fall behind and I feel worse about myself than I already do, and I am only a Kitchen Hand, I can't find any other work as I don't know other job fields, here I am 24, working a job I hate and I live at home. I want to quit but I know Centerlink doesn't count mental health reasons as valid for leaving a job, besides I need the money to get my phone fixed anyway and to pay rent. I just feel so helpless and pathetic about this, and I don't know what to do, I quit I'm screwed, I stay and I risk a mental breakdown.

    Any advice would be appreciated, thank you

  2. Croix
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    10 November 2018 in reply to MrUmbreon

    Dear MrUmbreon~

    I see Nick has already welcomed you here, a good move.

    Having a sh*t job is pretty terrible, but the way you think about yourself in relation to it really is a mistake (sorry to be blunt).

    If you had a great well paid interesting job the made you want to be there all the time it is true you would be happy, however hte amount of effort and strength of character to go to work would be pretty minimal.

    Dealing wiht the grind and unfairness of a boring low paid job wiht poor conditions is a hard task, and by doing it one is worthy of respect and to be admired.

    Feeling you are helpless and pathetic is silly. You had nothing to do with the economic situation, the number of people fighting for too few jobs, or the fact that many businesses pay as low as they possibly can -and don't care about their workers. You do not set the pace at work, so if you have trouble keeping up then you are not being looked after.

    Trying to cope in these conditions does take technique. Do you think there is any way you can set up boundaries between the rest of your life and work, so that as soon as your shift is over you mind goes to more pleasant things? Even a podcast or similar on your phone when you get it fixed can put you in a different world.

    There are bosses out there that value someone who can deal with your sort of situation, they are not all exploitative. While the vacancies ads are all going to be targeted by everyone have you considered maybe doing a bit of volunteering, often the way to a job in itself?

    Living at home can be both good and bad, can I ask how you get on there?

    If you are worried about getting depressed or having anxiety how would you feel about going to a doctor to be assessed? Many will bulk-bill, so if you book a long appointment you should be able to make a start at explaining things.

    I hope to hear more from you


  3. hairclip
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    10 November 2018 in reply to MrUmbreon

    Hey Mr. U

    I have the same problem too and I know how you feel. It's hard finding a well-paid job plus happiness, just the thought of being rejected by so many employers is frightening and sad. I would start looking for a new job while you can. You've already made it through a year, it's probably worth putting on the resume now.

    I'm in the process of looking for a new job too because this one just makes me too sad. Running to the toilet every 30 minutes to cry is bad too.

    Maybe try looking for a new job, talk to some friends and download apps that are good for getting mentally fit. If you have tried all that and is still in a really bad situation, get professional help.

    For me, I can't afford to pay for counselling...I hope you're in a better situation than me.

    Good luck to you, and stay strong.