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Topic: Wassup?

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  1. CocoPopsicle
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    27 August 2019
    So i kinda need advice and whatnot on what im doing and what to do about it?
    Randomly, out of the blue i begin acting strange. how so? well I begin saying weird jokes, laughing histerically at nothing, making up storys about house hold items for people, etc. but today i had it way worse than normal for some reason- i dont know why but it might be emotionally related as today my friends decided to dump me for good, dunno if thats it but i suspect it might be. I was chilling with my brother playing Animal Crossing New Leaf and without warning i began doing my weird stuff again but it was worse and lasted longer this time. despite knowing the word i want to say i would instictivly say the first few syllables over and over before saying the full word, i dont know if it would be called stuttering or not. i put my fingers to my brother's knee cap's skin and began moving it around, making illegible sounds. at some point i used both his knee caps and began to make them communitate. admittedly what they where saying didnt make much sense to me but for some reason i didnt want to stop finding all of this really fun. i would wrap my legs around my arm and crawl around, try to bite my 3ds screen, in the middle of doing these things i would randomly pause and rethink. i would think to myself "what am i doing?" but immediately go back to doing my thing. is this normal? its been going on for awhile but it was pretty intense tonight and idkk..
  2. CocoPopsicle
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    2 posts
    27 August 2019 in reply to CocoPopsicle
    thought i should add- im a 13YO year 7 girl. these things usually occer from 6pm-12pm
  3. Croix
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    29 August 2019 in reply to CocoPopsicle

    Dear CocoPopsicle~

    Welcome to the Beyond Blue Forum.I think it was a pretty good idea to see what others thought about your activity.

    I have to ask - what did your brother think, having his kneecaps talk to each other, like did he join in the game and was happy with things?

    I'm sorry your friends and you had a parting, it would have hurt of course and raised emotions in anyone. For some people this results in crying, or being cross, retreating or other things.

    I can't say much about the activities you describe, telling jokes out of the blue and laughing hysterically, crawling around, trying to bite your screen and all the rest.

    I can understand if you find it worrying and puzzling, and pretty inconvenient too. Also a bit of a worry that it starts without you intending it to. None of this sounds actually harmful (except maybe trying to bite your screen)

    Is there someone you can talk to about this and say how you feel? For many mum or some other family member is a good choice, for others a councilor or teacher at school. If you are stuck you can always give the Kids Help Line (1800 55 1800) a ring. If you prefer you can web-chat with them instead on

    which is pretty good, though sometimes you have to wait a bit for a councilor to become free, it's very popular. Ringing can be faster.

    So please come back and say what you think, you may stop a fair bit of worry if you reach out now.