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Topic: Telling teachers I’m depressed

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  1. Char02lie
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    24 July 2019

    I’m in high school and have been struggling with depression and anxiety. I got diagnosed a while ago and have been put on medication. I’m not sure if I should tell my teachers, as I’m seriously struggling, because that would mean telling 6 people (seperate teacher for each class) about my issues.

    I feel like I’ll be viewed as an attention seeker using any excuse to get an extension

  2. therising
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    24 July 2019 in reply to Char02lie

    A warm welcome to you Char02lie

    My heart goes out to you as you struggle with the challenges of anxiety and depression. I'm glad to hear you're managing through support. Further management and support, at school, sounds like a good idea.

    A few options, in the way of managing your school work and stress levels may be

    • Speaking with your year level coordinator and/or
    • Speaking with a teacher you get along well with and/or
    • Speaking with a member of the well-being team (if your school is one that offers guidance in the way of counseling)

    In no way would you be an attention seeker in the way you're referring to. For sure, you do need and deserve attention in a positive pro-active way that will serve everyone involved. Keeping certain teachers in the loop (regarding your mental health) also offers them the chance to help manage the challenges you face. You may actually find some teachers who could lead you feel more empowered in your school environment and perhaps in life in general.

    If you find that speaking to someone at school feels a little daunting, perhaps you could ask one of your parents to accompany you once a meeting to discuss things is set up.

    You should really feel proud of yourself in the way you're skillfully managing things (better than you may realise). As I often say to my kids, who are both in secondary school, instead of asking 'What am I going to do?', it serves us much better to ask 'How am I going to manage this?' We personally evolve ever so gradually through a self loving form of careful management.

    Take care

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  3. MsPurple
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    24 July 2019 in reply to Char02lie

    Hi Char02lie and welcome to the forums .

    the rising gave some great advice so I'll try avoid repeating anything

    I think the advice avoid discussing it with the year level coordinator is a great idea. I myself had an ED at school and my mum told the year level coordinator. It just gave him a heads up re: camp and meals. It could be a good idea if your parents ask to talk the year level coordinator about it, especially if you are going through a rough patch.

    Also thought I should let you know about a youth mental health service called headspace. They have an online only service if you want to chat to someone online (or phone call) and they have various centres around Australia. Also schools have a school counsellors.

    Welcome to the forums and hope to hear from you soon :)

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  4. romantic_thi3f
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    25 July 2019 in reply to Char02lie

    Hi Char02lie,

    Welcome to the forums! Both therising and MsPurple has given you some great advice but I just thought I'd add one more thing -

    If you like, you can tell only one person who you trust, and let them tell the others. You don't have to tell all 6 people if you don't want to. Sometimes that can help more because then that person can let everyone know outside of class so it's a bit more private.

    Good luck :) Please know that there are so many other people in the same boat as you (even if you can't pick them!), it's just that teachers and counsellors can be really good at keeping things private.

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