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Topic: Studying Tips Plz

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  1. Andrew578
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    4 posts
    7 June 2019

    Hey Guys,

    I am in year 11 and going to year 12 and I study around 2-3 hours a day. However, my marks were not very good for how much effort I put inot my study (all i feel i do is study, I feel like a can never enjoy myself without stressing over studying and school work). Please i need some tips and strategies on how to effectively study and not stress out so much.

    Thank you

  2. jess334
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    9 June 2019 in reply to Andrew578

    Hi Andrew,

    I remember year 11 and 12 and the stress and pressure of getting good grades. It is a very difficult time in life!

    I wasn't very good at studying either and didn't get the results I wanted. I ended up taking a year off after school, then doing a uni entrance course through Tafe and completed my degree part time over 5 years while working. There are many different avenues to uni if that is what you want.

    In regards to improving your grades, have you tried talking to your teachers or school councillor? You could try studying in a group - things always stick in my head better if I talk about it with someone. Or you could see if you could get some tutoring?

    kind thoughts, Jess

  3. Lemon123
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    15 June 2019 in reply to Andrew578

    Hi there,

    im a year 11/12 teacher in VIC. Teaching the amount of info you "need to know" for exams is disgustingly hard. I am so sorry that you are feeling this way and have to respond to the system by being overstressed this way. 2-3 hours is too much time. As a teacher, i study definitely over 5 hours a night to organise how I'm going to teach my classes and it never ever feels like enough when I get to class. It is a nightmare for teachers and therefore a nightmare for you students. It is very unfair.

    My advice is LESS IS MORE. Keep short dot pointed notes. Key points. Definition, example, another example. Once you can put together shorthand notes, only then can you begin to link the ideas together. Anticipate practice questions and annotate the crap out of any practice questions, even textbook review questions and stuff. Don't go overboard with just reading and reading notes and highlighting. Short, simple, to the point. Try to keep things under appropriate sub-headings and check in with your teacher to make sure the subheadings are appropriate.

    Prioritising is also key. It is so important to figure out when to study. Keep a very good diary and schedule in study with plenty of time before assessments.

    Keep up a dialogue with your teacher. They are going to be one of your best resources for the next year and the rest of this one.

    Be kind to yourself about marks and I'm general. Be kind to your teacher and be super aware of your classmates just trying to get by as well.

    You are strong for asking questions and for even being here and looking to share and better your position. Keep pedalling. Get through.

    Sending you good vibes. Oh yes and prioritise sleep!!! Makes a massive massive difference.

  4. romantic_thi3f
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    15 June 2019 in reply to Andrew578

    Hi Andrew578,

    Thanks for your post. It sounds like you've been given some great support, but I'll just link to another thread we have here on study tips/strategies -

  5. MsPurple
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    15 June 2019 in reply to Andrew578

    HI Andrew

    Some great advice has been given. So I'll try not repeat it all

    with myself at school and Uni, I tried no overstress myself. This is definately easier said than done. I remember in school. I told dad 'yes I could study study study, get a 90ish ATAR, but I'll be so stressed and broken, that I won't even want to go to uni. I'd rather try my best without over doing it and have confidence I can do it without over stress'. He actually to this day agrees with my approach. Did I get into my first choice course at uni. No. But I am now qualified in what I wanted to do none the less. There are other Unis and other courses you can do to get to where you want to go. Plus employers generally aren't looking at where you went to uni, just your skills, experience and cover letter as well as if you'll fit in their team

    How I study: With chill music. If you need to concentrate I'd avoid music with lyrics or anything too upbeat. With a cuppa tea. Helps keep me calm with some pleasure to go with study. Set a time line. e.g. 1 hour on my essay than 1 hour on maths. Be flexible within reason e.g if essay was on a roll and it went over my time line, I'd keep going, or if I hit a dead end with my essay I'd go to maths early. Study group if possible. I found it helpful for science. We sometimes would get one person do do dot points on one topic and another on a different topic and swap

    Hope this was helpful