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Topic: struggling to stay at school

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  1. iminpain
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    30 April 2019
    everyday when i get home from school i feel worse and worse i get terrible marks on almost everything i do i try hard in class really hard but when it comes to assignments and exams i think i am trying hard but then i just get bad marks i feel bad about those marks and people make fun of me for these marks and think of me as being stupid ive been at 5 different schools all over Australia and 1 in Malaysia and i never have felt like i have had any good friends at any of these schools and i feel sad everyday beacause i feel as though i have no good freinds. no one ever invited me to social events or to the movies and it really hurts when i see people who i thought were my freinds all hanging out without me. I feel like im going to fail everything and life just feels too hard i really hate school and i feel like it is slowly tearing my mental capacity apart. most days i wonder whats the point of living
  2. Jojo100
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    3 May 2019 in reply to iminpain

    Hi iminpain

    welcome to the BB forums. I am sorry to hear about the struggles you are having at school. Are you able to talk about this to your parents and maybe they would consider getting you a tutor to help with your school work. Or is there a school teacher or counsellor you feel comfortable talking to?

    Please hang in there these problems can be resolved with the proper support. You are not alone. Take care of yourself.


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  3. Jojo100
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    3 May 2019 in reply to iminpain

    Hi again iminpain

    I forgot to mention another very helpful resource would be the Kids Helpline (1800 55 1800) who offer free counselling 24/7. There is help and hope out there. Stay strong


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  4. Quercus
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    6 May 2019 in reply to iminpain

    Hello Iminpain,

    It has been a little while now since you posted and I was wondering if you felt able to update us with how you are holding up?

    JoJo has given you some solid advice there. Now school has resumed have you have had a chance to seek out support at school?

    Another thing I had wondered about was whether your family were approachable? If school is difficult it can help to find extracurricular activities that make you feel good. What sort of activities interest you? You might find joining a class with others who share your passions helps you to meet people you connect with.

    Would be happy to hear how you're managing.