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Topic: Stressed

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  1. Chxxz
    Chxxz avatar
    1 posts
    19 August 2019
    Hey guys I just really want advice on how to handle everything happening in my life I’m finding it so hard to be working two jobs yet I feel obliged to not let down one or both of them which leads to me forcing myself to go to work even when I’m sick which has really started to take a toll on my body, a week a go I got really sick and had to call in and the boss got angry at me, today I also called in sick and was told “there’s no way you’re sick again” even though I have a doctors certificate. I don’t know what to do and I’m so scared I’m going to end up living like this forever as my parents were like this too any advice would be really appreciated
  2. JessF
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    61 posts
    19 August 2019 in reply to Chxxz
    Hello Chxxz, it does feel like you have a lot of obligations at the moment, and that following through on your commitments means a lot to you. I also get a sense that in committing yourself to these two jobs, you're perhaps not able to give either of them the full attention that you would like. For your boss to get angry at you for not being able to come to work, I imagine that your workplace must be very busy and that it's difficult for them to cover you not being there. But it's also not nice to feel that your'e not trusted when you say you're sick. You are wise to have realsied that it's not a good idea to force yourself to go to work when you're not well, and going to the doctor to get yourself checked out is also sensible. It's sounding to me like you feel that something has to give, and that you're not going to be able to keep up working both jobs for much longer. If you were to put aside the fear of letting people down, and of ending up like your parents, what would you like to happen next with both your jobs? What would it take to bring down your stress levels?