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Topic: should I move back to my old school

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  1. lucy9182
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    30 July 2018
    hi, im Lucy and I'm in year 9, I just move to a new school this year. at the start I hated it but as the year went on it was good because I meet new people who're amazing and great friends, but all throughout the year I have had the choice to move back to my old school if I don't like the new one because the only reason I moved schools was because my mum moved in with her boyfriend on the other side of town. my dad still lives near my old school and is the one that has given me the option to move back because mum made me move school in the first place. at the start of the year when dad first offered me this I really wanted to go back bacuse I missed all my old friends that I had known all my life but then I decided to give this school chance and I did and loved it for a while. now im miserable because my friend group has fallen apart and I really want to move back to my old school, the only problem is that mum and dad live about and hour and a half away from each other, I just got a job that I don't want to quit and I have built myself a little bit of a life over here I don't know what to do but i really need help deciding
  2. geoff
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    30 July 2018 in reply to lucy9182

    Hi Lucy9182, great for you to join the site.

    The decision to move back home and live with your dad or stay with your mum is a flick of the coin, heads I stay or tails I go back, but there are a couple of issues you need to think about.

    -Do you like your mum's partner and get on with him

    -just because your friend group has fallen apart doesn't mean you can't bond with other people

    -your old friends at the previous school have the chance of breaking up as well

    -as you go from year 9 to year 12 your friend group may likely change depending on the subjects you choose

    -now you've got a job you like and this may develop into something more beneficial

    I can't make the decision for you but there seem to be more points that favour one way when you make your mind up

    I'd be interested to know.

    Good luck with year 9 and onwards.


  3. lucy9182
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    2 posts
    30 July 2018 in reply to geoff

    hi Geoff, I do like my mums partner he is a great person and seems to make my mum happy

    I know what kind of people I like to hang around and I would to start close to those kind of people which is why I don't want to bond with others because I would most likely leave them.

    I know my old friends my whole life ad we have never broken apart we are like family, yeah we used to bicker but we would always love each other and never live each other.

    I do have other 'friends' in my other subject but I could never see anything happen with them like long term as in becoming really close

  4. LavenderTea
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    9 August 2018 in reply to lucy9182

    Hey Lucy,

    Thanks for posting. This sounds like it's a tricky decision for you. By the end of your first post it sounded like you'd decided on staying in the "new life" that you've built for yourself.

    I'm wondering whether it's really just for your friends that you'd consider moving back to the old school, or whether there are other things that are making it a tough decision for you.To me it sounds like you are fairly settled in the school that you're at now. It might be good to consider whether or not the fact that your current friendship group has broken up is worth moving back to your old school, your dads place, and (I'm assuming) quitting your new job since the distance between your parents' houses is longish.

    Also, I'm wondering whether you're still friends with the group from your old school, and whether you still keep in contact with them. If yes, then are you really missing out? If no, same question... are you really missing out on anything?

    By the sounds of it, you're not under any pressure to decide straight away, so it can even be a good thing to just wait a little longer until you're sure either way. If you decide to go back to your old school, you could even just wait out the rest of the year and move back at the start of next year, start fresh again.

    As Geoff suggested, we can't decide for you, but we can always help listen to your ideas. Sometimes it's helpful to have a sounding board, or someone who can just relay your options back to you.

    Hopefully this helps.


  5. Natashaaaaaaa
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    16 November 2018 in reply to geoff
    Hi im Natasha im in year 8, I also want to move back to my old school, but its like 40 mins from my house. I originally was going there while i was living with my dad but now im living with my mum again so I'm going to a school closer. I originally left my old school 1 because of the distance and 2 because the teachers were being overly harsh on everything and it was getting me down. But I really love my friend group and they haven't forgotten about me at all, it makes me sad just thinking about them and how much I miss seeing them everyday. Plus my old schools education is way better and I really like all the teacher's. My mum probably would let me move back, her only issue is the expense, I also have one other issue my best friend just moved back to Australia from England and one of the reasons she came to this school was to be with me. I feel bad if I leave her even though she has already made some friends, Please Help Me!!!!!!!!!
  6. quirkywords
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    16 November 2018 in reply to Natashaaaaaaa

    Hello lucy,

    I wonder if you have made up your mind about whether you change schools again or not.


    Welcome to the forum. This is a caring, friendly and supportive site

    If you read Geoff's and Lavender tea's posts they will give you some ideas.

    You are welcome to post here but you may find starting your own thread by cutting and pasting your post, will enable more people to see your post, and being your own post you can post as much as you like and ask questions.

    I am wondering if you will move back to your dad again?

    Do you like living at both places?

    Could you still see your friendship group after school and on the weekend?

    You wrote that " the teachers were being overly harsh on everything and it was getting me down. " at your old school and that I was reason you left but now you write " Plus my old schools education is way better and I really like all the teacher's. "

    So I wonder why you changed your mind about the teachers.

    . Changing schools is a big decision and so is changing back. Have you thought what happens if you change back to your old school but then don't like being there.

    Welcome and again , and I will look for your new thread if you decide to start one.