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Topic: should i go back to my old school

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  1. diz14
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    24 August 2019
    hi, im daisy and i've just started a school in australia at the start of term 3. i came from somewhere in asia and the reason for the move here is because my parents had lived in asia for over 20 years, and they decided it was time to move back. i was born and raised in asia, so this is a massive change for me. the first few weeks at school here were really, really rough. almost every night i was in tears thinking about my old school and how i should never have left. i have a friendship group here, but i really miss my old friends. also, the academics at my old school were amazing. it was the best school in the country and wouldve set me up really really well for the future. the sport here is a lot better than my old school though, and the lifestyle of living in australia is everything ive ever dreamt of (the beaches, the people, the shops, the city etc), but having been here 6 weeks now, im still convinced that its not the right place for me. i have the choice to go back to my old school (in asia), but theres a time pressure on my decision, becuase they're starting theyre GCSE (british system exam) course this term, and i cant miss too much of it or there'd be too much catch up work and id be way too stressed. as well as the time pressure, it affects my family, because if im really not happy here and decide i want to go back, it means my family cant move here, which they have been wanting to do for a while now.
    so, im not sure whether or not i should go back, and my mind is just cluttered with confusion and ive never felt more lost, and i dont feel at home anywhere. anybody got any advice on what i should do??
  2. geoff
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    25 August 2019 in reply to diz14

    Hi Daisy, and a warm welcome to you.

    I can understand exactly how you are feeling and being here for 6 weeks isn't a long time and in this time it means you would have to settle down and this isn't easy, a new area, meeting your neighbours, where to shop and try and accustom yourself to your new surroundings.

    Are you able to contact your friends over in Asia by way of skype and know that missing them would play a huge factor in how you are feeling, however, if you had stayed in Asia would it be possible for one of your friends to do exactly the same as you have?

    Your family wants to move over here and you're looking at the final term, so are you able to talk with the school counsellor as well as your family.

    I'm sorry 6 weeks is only a short time for you to get used to, so contact your friends overseas and when school finishes, our friends tend to go their own way and we lose contact with them.

    Best wishes.