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Topic: Procrastination/Lack of Motivation And/Or Inability to Focus

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  1. FxZIONZ
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    2 July 2019

    Hey All,

    I have been with anxiety since i was young and now being 20yo i am wanting to improve my everyday life values.

    I find very frequently, to the point of it effecting my work and home life, that i am unable to get motivation, or i get a foggy brain, or i procrastinate. I am unsure which one at this stage. I am seeing if anyone has some ways to over come these?

    I struggle keeping up with personal hygiene like washing teeth, i struggle washing dishes or clothes. I struggle putting rubbish from my room in the bin. I struggle focusing on topics that i find unappealing. I also struggle to eat and drink. Its has become particularly bad since moving out of home at the start of this year. I am on an SSRI anti depressant and go see a psychologist every 4-6 weeks. As well i have tried EMDR therapy (only 2 sessions).

    My motivation to get up for work is always pretty good. I will wake up on my first alarm at 4am mon-fri and go for a shower straight away. I find i am starving myself so much/making myself dehydrated enough that i start getting nauseated and feel like vomiting. My blood sugar seems to drop (not diagnosed with the GP) so i have a little sugar like a jelly bean or a little bit of juice and i feel good again within minutes. I believe this is from the antidepressants however i feel that not eating or drinking much does not help and possible makes the symptoms worse.

    I also want to see the GP regarding having ADHD. I dont have proof myself ( my parents might from school reports) with my lack of focus or inability to stay focused. I have social anxiety too, so socialising for me to new people is very tough. I also find that i can be talking and completely forget the earlier part of the conversation.

    Any and all help will be appreciated. Thanks Everyone!

  2. romantic_thi3f
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    2 July 2019 in reply to FxZIONZ

    Hi FxZIONZ,

    Welcome to the forums and thanks for being here. Sorry that you're struggling so much with motivation/foggy brain right now! Hopefully we can offer you a little support.

    What do you think it is that's stopping you from doing these tasks? Is it that you don't feel like doing them so that you hold them off until later, or you forget that you should do them..? Not being able to do these things can have lots of different reasons behind them, so figuring out what runs through your mind can help you to figure out some solutions and workarounds.

    It would be good to figure out what's stopping you from eating too, as obviously it can't be a great feeling to be feeling nauseated every morning!

    The other thing that comes to mind is chatting about this with either your GP or your psychologist. They know you much better than we do so will be able to help you put some concrete strategies in place. :)

  3. FxZIONZ
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    2 July 2019 in reply to romantic_thi3f

    Hey Romantic_Thief,

    Thanks For the Reply. i haven't spoken much about my motivation/foggy brain with the psych and doc. I have a psych appointment soon so will see what they think about it.

    With tasks, both. I can have no energy to do them so will procrastinate/delay them. But then i will forget to do them for weeks. In writing an email or text i can be writing and know exactly what i am writing, but can drift off focus and forget completely what i was writing about.

    The eating i am not sure. I sometimes feel the need to eat, and will eat whatever i can get at the time. A sandwich, piece of fruit, takeaways, corner shop food etc. But other times i will eat because i feel nausea and about to be sick. The other issue regarding this is the motivation and effort to cook and make food. I find it really hard to cook. I know how to cook, i can buy all the ingredients required but still i struggle to cook.

    I find anything i do not want to do, i very much struggle to achieve.

    Thanks Heaps!