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Topic: Point To Life?

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  1. HeIp
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    2 September 2019

    To anyone reading this, I am 18 and have never been loved neither conditionally nor unconditionally by anyone. Most would say I am being dramatic, but what is the point to my life? I have no interest in marriage, dating or having kids so I am struggling to see the point in working my life away to just die at the end of it all. I have no religious faiths and most of my generation (specifically my age bracket) can not communicate socially without the use of a technological device. I lived in one state for about the first 12 years of my life, in which I left my childhood friends behind, and moved to another and struggled to find like-minded people. I eventually found a group in which I assimilated but was isolated at the same time - not invited to outings and such for no reason (I am not pessimistic - openly at least) so I have always felt excluded. About 9 months ago I moved back to that state and guess what? Not even a whisper about me leaving (mind you I waited a couple of months for people to initiate contact via social media - I do so and all I was given was short replies and neglection as is common in my life so I delete social media). So I end up at this fancy new school, new system of education (transition from grade 11 in one state to grade 12 in another) and I think to myself "Maybe things will be different" but nope, its much worse, I have no friends (I made numerous attempts for a very long time but everyone was more interested in their phones) and if it weren't for my sister I would have no one to talk to at school. This is as low as I have ever been with my grades reflecting this. I have never had a job and I think that I am stuffed as there was never an opportunity to do so (the town I was in for 6 years was very family-employer heavy so you had to either be family friends or childhood friends with people to get a part-time job), so I think that my life is pretty much pointless now as I have nothing to contribute to anything.

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  2. anniefakename
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    2 September 2019 in reply to HeIp

    Hi. I have been feeling the exact same way this past year. I don't have the answers at any means but please try to talk to someone. Trust me, i know it isn't easy but it feels a lot better to not have the burden on you anymore. I focus on things i can look forward and activities for the future so i do not feel so hopeless. I try to keep busy by reading and listening to podcasts while i clean or do house work. Music is good but it can also make me feel sad so i listen to podcasts and watch uplifting youtube videos. I'm sure you are an amazing person and are loved by many, many people. I hope more people leave you helpful advice. Help and support is here for you.

  3. white knight
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    2 September 2019 in reply to anniefakename

    Hi, welcome

    I do understand your dilemma as I felt that way when a teenager.

    If I felt like that now, at 63yo, I wouldnt be replying. So why am I replying? Because to give to others by helping or nursing or saving is the greatest reward and purpose you'll ever experience.

    Therapists, nurses, amoes, doctors, pathology, op shop volunteers, aged care etc, are all jobs helping that is priceless.


    Beyondblue topic the good Samaritan

    I was a member of a car club. Due to depression I left one bothered with me anymore. Its the way it is now. However not everyone is like that. Keep going with trying friendships.


    Beyondblue topic never ever give up

    We moved to a small country town when my daughter was 16yo. I told her she had to get a job. There was 3 shops in town only. She came home after her first day in her new school. "My new friends told me I havent got any chance of getting a job at those places"

    I told her never ever give up. She applied. The next day two of the shops rang her She got both jobs. She left one of them after two weeks and stayed at the other for 5 years and bought her new car for cash!

    Finally. You have certain views of how your life will pan out. But you will change. At 30 you will have different views, plans and people in your life. Be hopeful not negative, be aspiring not defeated, become a planner.


    Beyondblue topic 30 minutes can change your life

    If all else fails then I suggest you join the Army, Navy or Air Force. Then you'll have all what you need. Income, career, profession, friends, adventure and purpose.

    The RAAF set me up for life.

    Well done in reaching out. That takes courage.


  4. Doolhof
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    3 September 2019 in reply to HeIp

    Hi and Welcome,

    It can be hard moving to a new area and connecting with people and the region you live in.

    Modern day ways of communicating can exclude some people and I am sure it does effect the way people connect.

    I'm wondering if there are any clubs or groups you could join at the school or in your community. When we moved to our small town I found a couple of volunteer positions until I found employment.

    Do you have hobbies and interests you can expand and see if there are places where you can indulge in these things? Maybe even look at the local council site and see if they have any interesting programs available.

    Sometimes when I am at social gatherings and feel out of place, I find another person who looks just as lost as I feel and go and talk to them. Maybe you could try that at school.

    You have received a few ideas here, hope some of them help you!

    Cheers from Dools