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Topic: overwhelmed

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  1. cripjay15
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    3 January 2020
    I am really struggling with anxiety at the moment. mostly because of going back to school after having trouble with my friends. my problem is sleep. at the night time is mainly where my anxiety comes out. because it’s just me and my thoughts in my head. I can’t sleep because my head just goes crazy. the way of calming myself down is listening to music or just watching movies and stuff to just distract myself from my thoughts. other wise my head goes wild and i get into a bad state and have kind of a panic attack. but i do a lot of sport and sleep is even more important especially with my past with injuries. so i’m practically staying up past midnight most nights on my phone trying to get out of my own head. but then i get more anxious about not getting enough sleep and being tired and whatnot. anyway i’m just stuck in a vicious cycle that i’m not too sure how to get out of.
  2. Doolhof
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    4 January 2020 in reply to cripjay15

    Hi cripjay15,

    Do you have the opportunity to talk to anyone about your anxiety? Do you have a Dr supporting you? Do your family know what you are experiencing?

    If you have a look on the Beyond Blue website, there is information there about how to get help and about anxiety as well. You may find some of that helpful.

    It sounds weird, but if you look up "Sleep Hygiene" on the internet, you will find different strategies that are supposed to help with sleeping.

    Would you find it beneficial to write down what you are feeling anxious about hours before bed time or do you think that might just trigger more thoughts for you?

    The more I learn about my mental health issues the better I deal with it...most days!

    A psychologist told me to try to accept the bad days for what they are and move on when I am able to.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences here. Sorry to read your anxiety is affecting your sleep so much. Hopefully you can find ways to reduce the anxiety and to sleep better.

    Regards from Dools