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Topic: OCD Sucks

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  1. Sky O
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    31 December 2018
    Basically, I've been having a lot of disrespectful thoughts about my religion lately, and it's hard to tell what's OCD and what's not. I'm a spiritual person and my beliefs mean a lot to me - so I'm really worried that, even if these thoughts are OCD, they'll slowly become real the more they're repeated in my head. I've been told to just 'let them go' but sometimes, it's difficult 😶
  2. Rabbit33
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    31 December 2018 in reply to Sky O

    Hi Sky,

    Thanks for reaching out. Without knowing your religion, views and that OCD condition that you're referring to, i think it would be best for you to also reach out to someone within your inner circle?
    Otherwise, have you considered seeing a psychologist if you are not already seeing one?
    I feel speaking to someone with similar beliefs, religion and views, that also understands OCD would be best in assisting you with this.
    Regardless though, Don't be too hard on yourself. I'm sure whatever the circumstances are, you'll be able to manage what the issue is without being unfaithful to your beliefs. Just believe in yourself and remain positive.

    Hope this helps. :-)

  3. Guest2910
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    1 January 2019 in reply to Sky O

    Hi Sky O

    You made an interesting comment about your religion.

    You wrote "I'm a spiritual person and my beliefs mean a lot to me" " I'm having a lot of disrespectful thoughts about my religion lately....

    Sky, if you claim that you're a spiritual person why are you having a lot of disrespectful thoughts about it?

    Religion + OCD aren't connected. If you're worried about it, then you need to stick with inner circle of friends who will + can encourage.

    OCD is a mental disorder PLEASE get professional advice by a good GP who can discuss which options to take.

    All the best!


  4. White Rose
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    1 January 2019 in reply to Sky O

    Dear Sky

    Welcome to the forum and I wish you a very happy new year.

    I too have my spiritual beliefs which are important to me. There are times when we notice something that does not seem to fit with our beliefs and that can be a worry. So the thoughts go throw our head, "What if this (spiritual belief) is a fake, what if I have simply been going along with everyone else, why am I having these thoughts". This is quite normal. No matter what we believe, and I include things such such political beliefs, about being loving and being lovable, am I worthy, there are doubts at times. It shows you are a thinking person.

    I take BBQ's point above about thoughts, of any sort, and spirituality but it is not always clear cut. I think there have been far too many misunderstandings all through to wars because of the insistence of believing what others say. My belief allows me to question those aspects that do appear to not match. Sometimes I simply have to accept I do not know the answer and move on. Having a deep faith often means taking it on trust.

    I have hosted a bible study group in my home for ten years. We question what is written and try to relate it to our lives as we live now. It does not change the essence of our faith. Sometimes we are surprised at what does fit when we have originally had no idea why or how. There is nothing wrong in asking questions. I think the greatest spiritual leaders are those who have questioned the accepted norms and found a deeper faith.

    I have little knowledge about how electricity works. All I know is if I switch it on I get light (or whatever) and not to touch live wires. Doesn't stop me believing it works. I also meditate. This is something that others have suggested and told me about. This took time to find out what happens to me in meditation which is different to everyone else because it is that sort of practice. My meditation group talk about the problems we encounter when meditating but it helps us to know we are not alone. A bit like writing here on the forums.

    How OCD impinges on your spirituality or the other way round I am not sure. I suspect a practice like meditation may be a big help but that's from my understanding and is not a medical fact.

    If your OCD bothers you enough to question other aspects of your life I do suggest talking to your GP. It's not a comfortable illness, though no mental illness is comfortable. Find out how it works for you and find someone to help you. Love to hear from you again.