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Topic: Need some help on staying positive

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  1. bidysharma29
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    25 November 2019


    Before i start talking, I'm not writing this to invoke pity on myself, I'm just trying to get stuff of my chest and hopefully make myself feel better.

    This year has been a drag for me. I started to get really down around mid April to July, a lot of it due to University. I've always been the shy, awkward kid that doesn't talk to many people and doesn't have many or any real friends at all, and nothing changed in uni but it becoming more evident. I've been feeling incredibly lonely and its like walking around a place you don't belong for 12 hours a week and then repeating it for 12 weeks. I've struggled to make friends, and the isolation has had its toll. It all hit its climax, when I started bombing courses and ended up failing one of my units. Ironically this made it a bit more tolerable, as I focused more on my studies for the next semester, but now that the break has come, the negative thoughts are starting to return.

    Going into this break, I hyped myself telling myself, that I would find a new job, be committed to the gym and get revise up on material for next year, but two weeks in and it has been the complete opposite, the absolute worst actually. I've been incredibly lazy, tired and every time I stuff up, I just become more negative and more pessimistic. I've been skipping the gym simply for waking up a bit late, and recently I forgot that I had work and didn't turn up. It just seems that I keep making mistakes after mistake and mistake and I'm feeling really hopeless.

    I understand fully that I'm mostly to blame for all these problems, but I've become less and less optimistic in my ability to improve myself and starting to think that this is who I am in general. My thoughts have becoming more and more negative and I posted this just to get stuff out of my head. I would appreciate any advice if anyone's got any.

  2. smallwolf
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    25 November 2019 in reply to bidysharma29

    Welcome to beyond blue.

    Sometimes I find writing things down helps to get things off my chest, and other times the post contains the answer.

    Since you are at University you might be able to talk to a counselor through student services. You might get a few ideas to resolve the issues you raised. Alternatively you could also check out the threads on grounding and mindfulness on the forums.

    My own experience is that sometimes it is better to do the opposite of what I think. Eg. Rather than bailing on lunch with someone when feeling down, going out to lunch can be a good distraction. It is hard to change our behaviour to do this.

    I hope you come back and share more of your story.