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Topic: My life is going nowhere

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  1. LobsterTimpani
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    15 April 2020
    Made an account purely because I need to be heard. I’m 23 years old and work a minimum wage job I hate because it was the only place out of 100 odd jobs I’d applied for that even bothered to give me an interview, I have a bachelors degree in a useless field that has gotten me nowhere that I only enrolled in because of my low ATAR and prompting from parents, I don’t have any family or friends (ones I do have I’m no longer on speaking terms with), all in all I’m miserable all the time. I just want to drop everything and simply aimlessly wander the country, I can’t take another year of this drudgery. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life as the complete failure I am now and while I acknowledge it won’t last forever I don’t see any light of hope at the end of this dark tunnel that is my current experience. I want to go back to school and earn a degree in a field that will actually provide me with decent work, but I’ve been so badly burned by my previous degree that I’m too afraid to go further into debt and waste my time on another three years of useless “education”. All I want is just a bit of hope. That’s all. I hate myself so much. Why should my life be this frustrating? I don’t have any happiness
  2. Emmen
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    15 April 2020 in reply to LobsterTimpani

    Hello LobsterTimpani,

    I'm sorry to hear what you're going through. It's difficult and upsetting when you feel hopeless about your situation and moreover have no social support to make you feel better.

    Having a minimum wage job in itself does not equate to being a "complete failure". Think of it as part of your journey towards achieving what you want. Do you know what your ideal job is (the industry, the skills required etc.)? Would it be possible to get into that line of work slowly, perhaps by volunteering in a related field, or in a role that will allow you to acquire these skills? Is it possible to take up short courses in that field, if finance is a concern for another degree?

    There is definitely hope for you, even if you're finding it hard to see at this point in time. Take steps towards achieving what you want will allow you to see that light at the end of the tunnel.

    And one more thing - life is not a linear journey. You'll take detours, you'll go in circles sometimes. You'll learn something new with each experience (even an unpleasant job can teach you what you don't like about a job, which means you'll know what to avoid in the future). I know it's difficult, but it's important to pull yourself out of the cycle of negative thinking when things get tough and take steps (however tiny) towards creating the future you want to have.

    Best wishes,

  3. zguenzl
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    16 April 2020 in reply to LobsterTimpani

    Hi LobsterTimpani,

    Following on from Emmen's response, I'm also sorry you're feeling frustrated at your current situation.

    But maybe you could look at it from the perspective that it is only current and can be changed if you're not happy. Perhaps you could look into online learning/training that would allow you to continue working and not break the bank?

    Regarding the friends situation, currently no one is able to really interact with each other, so this forum is definitely a good place to start. Are there any friends or cousins or other relatives who you've lost touch with but could send a quick message to say 'hey, hope you're okay'? This might get the ball rolling, or at the least, make you feel like you made an effort to reach out.

    Let me know your thoughts.

    I do hope you're having a better day today.

    All the best,


  4. Mark12138
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    26 April 2020 in reply to LobsterTimpani

    Hi LobsterTimpani

    hope you are doing fine right now, very sorry to hear about your situation, in regarding to you feeling like you are going nowhere, do you have something you are interested in, there are many sources to study industry relevant skills that you can do in the meanwhile to gain some experience and do some personal projects without having to go back to get another degree (Udemy for example if its tech you are interested).

    Best wishes


    Remember everyone is different and their journeys will be different, but you will definitely find what you are looking for ^_^