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Topic: might be homeless soon

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  1. yeet.
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    4 June 2019

    my mom and i are both broke af (she doesn't have a stable job either, or helpful parents, friends, etc.) and we've been living with her 73 yr old so-called 'partner' for the last 6 ish years. he's a multi-millionaire (obviously my mum has never liked him and never will, she just needs money to support us and i feel really guilty for it) and since he has money, he's been 'providing' food , money, school supplies, etc. for us . my biological dad obviously lives separately from us and unfortunately doesn't have much money either, plus he's an inhuman physically violent psychopathic monster (though it's not his fault, i still love him and it's all his abusive father's fault for raising him that way), so long story short we have nowhere else to go if we're kicked out. I mean, my mom's brother just so happens to be a multi millionaire who could easily support us, but he doesn't care about us and lives in America.

    anyways, so i've already been through a lot of physical, psychological and emotional abuse/shit with all of my mom's previous abusive crazy partners (once again, not her fault) and whilst the current one isn't physically abusive, he's very controlling (he treats us like animals and makes us feel like shit for not being able to afford food whenever we ask for as little as 20 bucks) and he constantly threatens to kick us out on the streets, but i never really took it seriously.

    But im genuinely scared that now, because of me, we're gonna be homeless.

    it all started when we were eating dinner and watching the news, then something about Trump came on, then I asked (to no one in particular) about why trump was at that particular meeting. After that, i made a joke about how bigoted he was. an innocent joke. Next thing I know, my step-dads screaming at me that "trump did nothing wrong' that 'hes not bigoted' and that 'hes a good president'. fine, whatever, his opinion (i already know for a fact that my step dads very sexist and racist but whatever) THEN, he starts screaming that he hates black people, hates jews, hates gay people, etc and since im gay and trans I get pissed, start yelling back, I call trump a person who fuels hate, etc. anddd just like that i've started escalated more than any fight ive ever had with him, then we started personally insulting each other, i called him out on the way he's been treating/controlling us for years, it got physically violent and he GENUINELY wants me out of the house NOW, to pack my bags and leave... help?

  2. quirkywords
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    5 June 2019 in reply to yeet.


    Welcome to the forum.

    I am sorry you find yourself in this difficult situation.

    I understand how you must be worried about you living arrangements.

    If you need some direction on where to go, or who to contact for more help, or what options you have or just some basic advice you can call Yconnect on1800 424 830.


  3. Sophie_M
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    5 June 2019 in reply to yeet.
    Hi Yeet,

    Welcome to the Beyond Blue online forums.

    We are sorry to hear that you and your mum are going through a difficult time at the moment. Please know that we take reports of abuse seriously.

    Our Support Services are trying to reach you via email as we are worried about you. If you are in immediate danger, please call 000.

    If you are not in immediate danger, Kids Helpline (1800 55 1800) is another great resource we’d suggest reaching out to that offers free phone counselling services 24/7, or you could also contact them via email or webchat through their website:

    Keep checking back in and let us know how you are going when you feel up to it. 
  4. yeet.
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    5 June 2019 in reply to Sophie_M

    Hi Sophie,

    sorry for taking forever to respond (I have social anxiety which makes it kinda hard to talk to people), my email linked to this account is actually really old (i can't access it at all) so I didn't get the emails, but that's ok because I'm not in any immediate danger right now, i think. My mom and I did leave the house for a bit (only 2-3 hours) but we came back at night and we kinda slept upstairs on the sofa (just because we obviously wanted to avoid my step dad) so... yeah. My mom did talk to my actual dad a bit and he said I could come over and stay there for a while, but I'd honestly rather not go over there either because his house is just as hectic, if not worse, and I don't really like him that much with all honesty (he's really unstable and has anger management issues). Currently, we're still in the house i guess but I haven't seen my step-dad at all since the incident, he hates me and still wants me out so I really just want to avoid him which is hard because we all live in his house. Plus I'm really stressed with other issues right now (Exams, SACs (i've already missed 2 SACs and 1 exam and im worried I won't pass my psychology subject), my gender dysphoria's been quite debilitating and since my mom cant pay for my schooling I had to drop out of my last school and I'm currently having to deal with being at a new one, and because of my social anxiety I've missed out on weeks of schooling and I'm falling behind in all my classes, plus I'm trying to get an art scholarship to a private school (which covers all the fees) but because of the scholarship i've been too busy with trying to draw art pieces for it, which is extremely hard with everything else going on, and I have another SAC tommorrow and the art stuff is due on friday...

    My psychologist (ive been seeing her for the last 2 years, and i've been seeing psychologists in general for the last 6 years) is on maternity leave right now, and she said I could organize and emergency appointment with another psychologist at the place she works at if I desperately need it, but I'm too scared to book one.

    I'm just really stuck right now, sorry for the rant/vent. I don't really know if there's anything I can do...

  5. Sophie_M
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    5 June 2019 in reply to yeet.
    Hi Yeet, we acknowledge how difficult it can be to reach out for support and appreciate you checking back in with us. It sounds like a very overwhelming time for you and we would encourage you to continue to reach out to professional supports to ensure your wellbeing. If you do not feel ready to book an appointment with another psychologist, we would recommend getting in contact with counsellors at Kids Helpline who can provide you with more immediate support – either on the phone or you can even chat with them online.

    We’d ask if you could please change the email on your account to one that you currently have access to, as providing a valid email address is a requirement for all members wanting to participate on the forums. Feel free to continue to reach out here to get out any difficult thoughts and feelings. We look forward to hearing from you.