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Topic: Lost

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  1. Issy12
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    24 June 2019

    Hi everyone.

    I am in need of some help. I’m 19 years old, I suffer from depression but am being treated for it with medication. I just need some help at the moment.

    Five months ago I started working full time. I enjoy going to work because it gives me something to do and gives me a purpose. 4 days ago I quit my job because my boss wasn’t a nice person and was bringing me down. I wasn’t enjoying going to work and it was making me miserable.

    Now i I have quit, I have no job, no money coming in and I’m feeling so so down about myself and what I have done. I was doing well, until I have quit. I don’t know what to do. I’m stressed about money. I’m already going crazy with nothing to do. I’m feeling very very low at this time and need something to give me a purpose and keep me going. I have applied for more jobs. But I don’t know what to do in the meantime. All I want to do is cry, I don’t know what to do with myself and i am really struggling.

    Does anyone have any advice?

  2. White Rose
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    24 June 2019 in reply to Issy12

    Dear Issy

    Welcome to the forum. Glad to get to know you.

    It's natural to feel lost when you are suddenly doing what you see as nothing. Our jobs are a large part of our identity and when we stop it makes a huge hole.

    I see you are applying for work which is good. Is it in the same area of the job you left? Workplace relations can be tricky especially when you are just starting out. In my opinion employers should be careful to help a new employee to settle in easily. How long were you working there? It's a pity you could not wait until you had another job. Employers like to know you are working as it gives them more confidence to offer a job.

    I suggest you find a volunteer job to help you through this time until you can work again. Look at all the organisations that have branches in your area and see if any of them appeal to you. It's also good to put on your resume as employers like to see some initiative and know the prospective employee is not afraid of working.

    Crying may be simply because you feel lost and alone. Look under The Facts at the top of the page and complete the K10 checklist. It's a quick snapshot of your mood etc. Then I suggest you see your GP with the checklist and have a chat about crying. The doc may be able to help you.

    The best thing I think is to find some work, paid or unpaid, to keep you feeling good. If you are offered a temporary job think about taking it. You can continue to apply for other jobs.