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Topic: Losing Sanity

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  1. mixam
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    6 August 2019

    Im currently in year 11 at school, I grew up with PTSD and still have ADHD and have never even thought to speak to anyone, including my parents about this. For the past few years everything was going great, I felt as if i had a purpose and I could achieve anything, my purpose has faded and life is meaningless to me, all I can think about is past memories of how great life used to be and how I wish I could have the same interests I used to have. Now to cope I have a friend who talks to me a lot....even though he isn't real and is made up in my head he comforts me a lot.

    I have always been in top classes at school but I can't focus anymore, my rankings are bad and I try so hard to concentrate or stick to a plan and it never works. I have a great family who expects a lot from me and a group of nice friends, I don't understand how I made an issue for myself from nothing.

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  2. Peppermintbach
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    7 August 2019 in reply to mixam

    Hi Mixam,

    I’m an adult and not in school, so I’m not sure if I’m necessarily the best person to reply. But I still wanted to reach out as it sounds like you’re really struggling at the moment. It also sounds like you are a high achieving student, so I would think recent events might feel disheartening and discouraging.

    You strike me as someone who perhaps has high standards for yourself. But it also sounds like your family has high expectations too...

    I realise that being unsure of your purpose can be unsettling and painful. I think, as humans, most of us have a strong need to seek purpose in life....

    I know your imaginary friend (sorry, is it okay if I call him that?) is a source of great comfort. But I also get a sense that perhaps you’re still very lonely, especially as you seem to have some unresolved trauma.

    I don’t know if you want to/feel comfortable opening up to your parents. But I wonder if that’s something you would consider, depending on your relationship with them.

    I get that they have high expectations, so I wonder if maybe that stops you from telling them you’re struggling. Do you think talking to your parents at some point is something you would do?

    Otherwise/also you might be interested in seeing a school counsellor about some of your struggles. Maybe they would have some ideas to help you...just a gentle little idea.

    Of course you’re also most welcome to chat here any time. Sometimes people find it cathartic to unload some of their troubles here. No pressure to share more than you’re comfortable sharing though.

    Kindness and care,


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