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Topic: listening to music like lil peeps and suicide boys helps me?

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  1. kyara
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    3 posts
    25 October 2018

    I hear my friends talk to me about how listening to music like this makes them feel more depressed but it really helps me feel like I'm not the only one and helps me have a phat cry which is quite nice for me, am I the only one who thinks this???

    any music suggestions? like peep, bones, X, suicide boys, joji, lil bo weep ect?

  2. smallwolf
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    26 October 2018 in reply to kyara


    Hi. Welcome to beyond blue.

    while I don't know much about the bands you speak of, as far as your question is concerned, I think I would be similar to you. The music I listen to reflects my mood. There are a number of bands or songs I listen to that are about depression etc. Bands like Megadeth, Metallica, Opeth, allagoch, draconion, etc. Their sound, or meaning talk to me, therapeutically. I am reminded that I am not alone at that moment. So it is ok if the music is a form of release.

    At the same time, if it does make you feel worse about yourself, it might be worth looking into getting professional help. There is a fine line between a song which grabs you, and one that encourages you to do something.

    As far as the bands you listen to and topics they sing about, you will need to educate me. Sorry.

    I hope you come back and talk more about your music or anything else.

    All the best,


  3. romantic_thi3f
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    1 November 2018 in reply to kyara

    Hi Kyara,

    Absolutely you are not the only one! I don't really know why this is though - when some people are depressed they don't want to listen to music, others might want to only listen to upbeat ones or others might need to listen to ones they feel they can relate to. There's no wrong or right way and if it helps then that's what important!

    Hm.. in terms of finding music you might want to try - or

    The other thing that I use is Spotify where it recommends more tracks the more that you play what you like and add things to playlists.

  4. Just another guy
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    32 posts
    8 November 2018 in reply to kyara

    G'day Kyara.

    To be completely honest, listen to what makes you feel happy. I listen to a lot of music yet I'm mainly a fan of death metal. That's my go to. When I'm sad, death metal. When I'm happy, death metal. That's basically it for me. Music has always been a preferential thing for people and so if you find music that your friends find depressing happy, then listen to it.

    I do recommend Coheed and Cambria (a funky little rock band) as well as Sorrow (chill mellow vibes). They're both pretty fun to listen to.


    Just Another Guy.

  5. imissmacmiller
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    3 posts
    12 November 2018 in reply to kyara
    I get that 100%, have you heard of scarlxrd? Lots of shouting and screaming, kinda like young X.

    Machine Gun Kelly and Mac Miller have some similar songs but I'm not sure if you'd like them. Try Rehab by MGK or New Faces by Mac

    On another note, you ever tried Tyler the Creator?