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Topic: is there something wrong with me??

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  1. pluro
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    7 posts
    26 November 2018

    soooo...idk if this is normal but it's kinda getting annoying at this point.

    my brain just feels like it's all over the place, all the time, 24/7. like one minute i'll be working on something and the next minute i'll think about something and my mind will spiral into a billion different directions all at once. and i also often overthink lots of things. for example id say my friends would consider me the 'funny' one of the group. but whenever im funny it always comes naturally but lately ive started worrying about thinking too much about thinking when im talking to them and stop becoming funny because im trying too hard to be funny. thinking back on it ive always thought like this ever since i was little. i remember when i was maybe three or four and i had trouble falling asleep because i would be thinking about thinking about thinking and so on for hours. i also remember as a child i would do this weird thing where if i hurt my left arm, i would need to hurt my right arm with the exact same amount of pressure before i could go on with my day. it would be the same with if i touched something cold or hot, etc. i still have it now except it's different and now i need to feel lighter on my right side and heavier on my left. like i can only touch cold things with my right hand (or both), and i can touch hot things with my left hand. (i can also only touch the space bar with my right hand). and if i hurt my left hand then i dont do anything but if i hurt my right hand then i need to hurt my left hand with twice the amount of force. i used to think it was ocd but when i looked it up people seemed to be more bothered by it than i was? idk im not that bothered by it and i dont think about it that much but for some reason i think it might be related to it in some way. sorry for such an all over the place post, but im really not in the mood for punctuating things correctly. anyway i also have trouble with a lot of things school or learning related. like i get really good grades, but i can never complete assignments on time, always end up doing it 4 hours before it's due, cant study, beg the teachers for extensions, cant sleep properly, always break my belongings (laptop, phone, etc.) i feel so guilty it's killing me, i feel so sorry that i cause my parents so much trouble. im turning 14 yrs old in a few days, are these feelings normal as im going into my teenage years? will i get used to them? i have more to say but my word count's running out so....

  2. baet123
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    15 posts
    27 November 2018 in reply to pluro

    Hey Pluro,

    Thanks for posting and providing us with a good insight into the way your feeling at present.

    It sucks that your struggling at the moment and what your experiencing is completely normal. For many people who suffer from a mental health problem and even for people who do not, the feeling that your brain is going 100 miles an hour and that it is "all over the place" like you described is completely normal and especially apparent in younger people.

    It is extremely encouraging and shows great maturity and intelligence that you understand and are aware of your feelings and you are notice patterns which will be great help when addressing your current feelings and future situations you find yourself in.

    May I ask if you have spoken to anyone about the way your feeling or what your experiencing? Family members? Friends? Health professionals? School counsellor or teachers? Your concerns are absolutely legitimate and genuine and I believe that if your quality of life is being impacted by the way your feeling, maybe talking to someone and seeking professional assistance may be the way to go. I know this might be difficult to do and you may not want to, however, it may be extremely beneficial to your well-being.

    Here are a few services that may be able to assist you and would love to hear from you if you feel comfortable doing so:

    - Headspace 1800 650 890 (mental health service for ages 12-25 years) - A great organisation who you may consider contacting as they will provide you and your daughter with a holistic approach to her well-being!

    - ReachOut (youth mental health service)

    - Kids Helpline (telephone and online counselling for ages 5-25 years, their parents and carers)

    Things will get better Pluro. What your feeling and experiencing is only temporary and the best is yet to come. You have a bright future and your whole life ahead of you and better days are most definitely ahead. I believe it is worth considering speaking to your parents, someone at school, your GP or even phoning Headspace or the other two services I mentioned above and just let them know your situation.

    Hope this helps.

    Have a great week Pluro!


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  3. morlock
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    29 November 2018 in reply to pluro

    Hey Pluro

    I agree with everything baet123 said. You have shown great maturity in recognising your feelings. It took me many years to be able to do just that. What you are feeling at your age is normal, I'm in my 40's and my mind still runs at a million miles. We all have so many things in our lives that we think about, play over and over again in our heads. Recognising these is a step forward.

    Never think that you are causing trouble for your parents. I use to think the same way. If you can, talk to them, or talk to one of your parents. If you can't talk to them, have a chat with your family doctor. That was my first step. It helped me a lot. Talking is a great way to get these things off your chest. Sometimes just saying it out loud to someone gets that pressure off yourself. And your GP will point you in the right direction.

    Baet123 also posted some other places you can call and talk to. They are wonderful services and very helpful.

    You have a great future ahead of you, I can tell that with the level of maturity you have shown. These things will pass.

    Take care and enjoy the rest of the week!

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  4. pluro
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    7 posts
    30 November 2018 in reply to morlock


    thank you for replying!!! it's always nice when someone replies haha. im relieved this is normal. thanks for the advice, it was very helpful. i will take it all into consideration.

    thank you again and i hope you have a good weekend

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  5. Barbie2005
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    6 posts
    28 December 2018 in reply to pluro

    Wow - I’ve got a similar thibg! Like everything needs to be in balance or in a certain way (with the arms, heat/cold etc.)

    I also overthink things, and I have wayyy too many thoughts in my head at once.

    I’m sorry, though, that I do not know anything about this (eg. If it is normal, how to prevent it).

    I was also wondering... what did you google? Like, about this. What is it called? (If you found a name) I’d just like to research it myself, that’s all.


  6. Sky O
    Sky O avatar
    5 posts
    31 December 2018 in reply to pluro

    Hi, I'm definitely not an expert or anything, but I do have OCD, and it sounds similar to what I'm experiencing (at least, the 'hurting arm' situation does). For me, I'm not always bothered by my OCD habits, even though they take up a lot of my time. It's just a compulsion that I really want to go through with.

    But please take my words with a grain of salt; maybe you should consult a counsellor to get everything sorted out?