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Topic: Irritated by everyone.

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  1. safesin
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    1 August 2019

    Lately I've been extremely angry and irritated, not by just people but a lot of things as well. When I'm chilling doing my own thing and someone comes to engage in a conversation with me, I instantly get angry and irritated, like I absolutely hate conversing with them. This happens with friends, family and even my gf. I really don't know why but it just like I'm sick of talking to anybody and I just want to stick to myself without any interruptions

  2. white knight
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    1 August 2019 in reply to safesin

    Hi welcome

    I dont know whether I can relate to this or not eg I have moods due to bipolar but I had impatience when I had anxiety.

    Alienating yourself from people could be anything from liking your own company to trust issues with all people.

    Clearly a diagnosis of some kind needs to be pursued and thats my suggestion.

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  3. Alexlisa
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    7 posts
    2 August 2019 in reply to safesin

    Hello Safesin.

    I can understand what you’re saying. I often go through phases where I just want to be by myself and find being around anyone frustrating and just ‘too much’. I think it’s pretty normal for this to happen at times. Especially being young, you’re trying to figure out what works best for you and what you need in relation to other people. Although we’re not really taught this, it is ok to take time to be by yourself, and it’s part of having healthy relationships with others and yourself. The ability to enjoy your own company is a positive trait that not many people have.

    I do know for myself that I most often feel like this when my mood is low or I’m very anxious. I can start to become very isolated and withdrawn. It’s important to find a balance, because withdrawing too much is not helpful and can contribute to depression and anxiety. If you feel like this is what you’re experiencing would you consider reaching out for some help?

    I was wondering if you’ve been able to identify any thoughts that you’re having when you’re interrupted. Or if it’s just a general frustration? Do you have any concerns in other areas of your life at the moment? Or feeling depressed or anxious more than usual? It might help to talk to someone about how you’re feeling so that you can better understand what’s going on for you and what you need.

    Take care