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Topic: In love and not knowing what to do

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  1. Nawa21
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    29 January 2019

    I’ve met this beautiful girl at work whom I have feels for. However, it’s continuously mixed feelings that she sends my way. One day I’m the caring friend that she needs the other is a woman that shows feelings towards me.

    Its hard for me to tell if she actually sees me as a friend or more than that. Yet I’m afraid to confront this issue given that if it’s a rejection, I still have to work with her and could make things awkward for me.

    I dont like the feeling of giving up on her and moving on. I know she has gone on other dates yet never has told me. I don’t know if she thinks if it’ll hurt me or she’s trying to keep me as her fall back plan.

    Feeling so stuck not knowing if I should confront her for a direct answer and deal with the outcome and make things awkward at work or just leave it and let time figure things out.

    But if I leave it and she dates another man, the hurt and jealousy might be unbearable!

  2. geoff
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    30 January 2019 in reply to Nawa21

    Hi Nawa, welcome to the forums.

    If you don't ask her then you are always going to wonder 'why didn't I, should have' and all the rest.

    If you are looking at each other, then one day you might catch her off guard, so her response maybe different, don't worry about that, go and ask her then your curiously to know will put you at ease.

    Just read your last sentence, you have answered your question and that feeling is not what you want.

    Please let us know.