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Topic: i think i’m depressed but idk

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  1. wildcat101
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    5 June 2019

    I don’t have a clinical opinion but i just want some advice about how i’m feeling. i am afraid i have depression, some days i feel perfectly normal and some days i just feel like complete shit and just want to stay home and cry. also sometimes i would be feeling fine then all of a sudden my mood just changes and feel crap again. like in a seconds difference. I play a lot of sport at high level and i heard that helps. during the time i am playing i feel great and i go on forever but as soon as i get in the car my parent always rant on about the game and it puts me in a shit mood again. I am also struggling with friends at school and recently moved into new classes. Is this normal or am i depressed. also i think i might have anxiety. Mostly with people judging me. I often turn around and walk the other way even at school cause i just can’t cope. my hands sweat and i go all shaky. this is really weird for me because around my friends i feel completely fine and i can be myself but when it comes to new people there a bit of a problem. if i think i say something weird to someone the rest of the day the whole moment just keeps replaying in my head and i can’t stop thinking about it the whole day. i also would just be randomly in class and a memory comes back in my head and i keep regretting what i said or someone else said. like the other day i didn’t finish my homework because i was afraid i would put the wrong answer down so i told my teacher that i hadn’t finished it she replied with “here she is” to this day things keep poping up in my head like what if the teachers talk about me and in the past i was good at the start of the year but often drop down and don’t complete things later in the year. like what if she meant like “here she is the student who is good at the start but then stops handing in things” and other things as well. it’s not like i just am a worrier i often avoid things because i get too nervous. it’s not like i just do this sometimes it practically every day. at school my bus gets to school earlier the my friends so i have to wait around. i get too scared to just stand by our lockers cause i think people are going to judge me for being a loner so most mornings i just sit in the toilet stall and sometimes cry if i’m in a shit mood. Anyway i was just hoping for some advice cause i feel i can’t talk to anyone else. my older brother is in gear 12 and he has some learning problems so i feel i can’t talk to my parents cause it’s all about him.

  2. geoff
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    7 June 2019 in reply to wildcat101

    Hello Wildcat, and a warm welcome to the forums.

    We can't diagnose you as we're not qualified but I understand what you have told us but if it's possible can you go and see your doctor and I believe if you're 16 years of age you are entitled to see them.

    I'm really so sorry for you.

    Is it possible you put your comment in point form, and I only say this as you have mentioned so much the doctor will know how you are feeling.

    Can I also suggest you do the K-10 test and you can find this if you click on 'The Facts' at the top of this page, it's a depression test, and again I can't say whether or not you have this.

    Take this to your doctor.

    Please let us know how you go.