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Topic: I no longer enjoy school

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  1. helterskelter
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    3 March 2019

    This is my first time posting, so hi everyone!!

    So basically, I used to enjoy school a lot.

    I had friends and I never really had a day when I believed that I didn't like school at all. But this year sort of hit me like a truck, and I've been separated from my friends and my core class sucks. (I'm a yr 10 by the way). At first, I tried to think positively like, I might as well make some new friends, but everyone already has their own friendship groups and they're all sort of intimidating. Then I thought I should at least focus on my studies, but now whatever my teachers say don't make sense to me anymore and I constantly find myself confused. (I also feel like a majority of my teachers don't like me so that's great)

    I find myself crying for hardly any reason and everyday I just can't find the motivation to go to class and enjoy anything. At first, I thought that it was because I was cut off from all my buddies and that was the reason I was feeling down, but then whenever lunch comes around (which is basically the only time I see them), I always seem to get really annoyed at them for hardly any reason at all and I just want to be left alone, to be by myself. Then when I'm in class, I become sad at how lonely I feel.

    My home life's good, and home is really the only place I like being in, but when I'm go to sleep, my head suddenly reminds me that I have no friends, there's hardly anyone I like and then I just start crying again. I want to tell my parents, but for some reason, I can't find the guts to tell them. Sometimes, I just feel like I'm overreacting, like this is just me being hormonal and attention-seeking and that it's just school. I need to toughen up because everyone else adapted, so why can't I?

    I realised I basically wrote an essay but yeah, that's about it ...


    (Thank you if you've read this far)

  2. white knight
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    3 March 2019 in reply to helterskelter

    Hi, welcome

    I hope I dont come across as lecturing you.

    You are at an age now when you need to focus on your school work and really work at it. After all, school is to learn right? It isnt primarily a place to meet with friends. Yet if you read your own post it reads like that.

    I'd pick quality time with friends over quantity. Have a think about that.

    If it's true teachers dont like you it is highly likely due to you not applying yourself to their teachings. This requires a new more focussed attitude and it is hard to do when you are so emotional ATM.

    However, you jave some insight plus writing here you show you acknowledge your problems well. Prioritize your life. Learning is first, your education. You are no longer that younger person just a year or two ago.

    I hope I've helped and well done in having the courage to post.


  3. Summer Rose
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    3 March 2019 in reply to helterskelter

    Hi helterskelter

    Welcome to bb and thank you for sharing your story.

    My daughter got sepatated from her three best friends in yeat 9, and it was very difficult for her too. I understand your pain.

    The cliques are very hard to penetrate, I get that. But my daughter did find, in time, that she was able to fit in and ended up with two groups of friends. Then we had the drama of which group to choose!

    I would give this a little more time. It's very early in the year. Think about where you are sitting in the class to give yourself the best chance to interact with someone you might like to get to know. Start small and see what grows. This is going to take some time.

    With your friends at lunch, try to lighten up. Is it possible on some level that you feel left out of the conversation because you weren't in class? If this is the case, try to shift at least some of the conversation back to your shared intetests.

    If you are attentive, respectful and trying, I'm sure you will win over your teachers.

    Remember all of this is new and it is stressful for everyone. Give yourself time.

    Kind thoughts to you

  4. quirkywords
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    3 March 2019 in reply to helterskelter


    I too welcome you this supportive and friendly forum.

    Tony and Summer Rose have given you helpful suggestions.

    It is hard when things change and you are no longer with your regular friends and I can see this would affect your studies as well.

    Would you be able to ask your teachers to explain what you don’t understand. I was a teacher and I know it it can be hard to know if everyone is understanding the lesson..?

    Also is there a student In your new class who was also separated from their friends, that you could talk to.

    As Tony says you write well and have insight into your feelings. At lunch time could you try asking your friends how they are coping , or find out how they feel about their teachers etc

    I think if you try to connect with your friends, and get some help with your school work it may give you more confidence ! It is only March and as you have indentified that you are having a few issues early it is possible to change things.

    Thanks for sharing your post .