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Topic: I’m losing one of my closest friends...

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  1. Hahahahahaha
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    25 November 2018
    I have this friend and recently she hadn’t beeen very close to me. I recently found out she has depression and what really confused me is that she told her other two friends and one of them and me doent really get well together. That friend is bringing them into all our personal friendship problems that we can solve by ourselves and we don’t wanna hurt her. We want to let her know that we are trust worthy too. Because we have been friends for 4 years now. And one of her friends asked me this morning if I didn’t want my friend to be friends with both of them. I don’t wanna lose her, she’s a good friend.
  2. geoff
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    27 November 2018 in reply to Hahahahahaha

    Hello, my apology for having no replies, sometimes this can happen when the site is busy, but this will bump your thread back to page 1.

    It's so sad when a friend gets depression, unfortunately, it's so difficult to stop the avalanche of it coming, especially when it's the first time or perhaps when therapy hasn't been engaged.

    If your friend is suffering then what's being said may just bounce off her, in other words, she may not know what's happening and what's being told amongst her friends, but what she will pay attention to is the trust you have for her, and most likely this dishonest friend will eventually fade away.

    Your friend will want to confide in with someone and if you can stay by her side then that's all the trust she needs.

    Whether she wants to be friends with 'both of them' she will decide by herself as their true colours will come through, in other words, know whether they are trusted or not.

    Try and stay to be focused because only someone who is like this will only be able to be trustworthy.

    If you feel the need it would be good to see your doctor for extra support, but please keep in touch with us.