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Topic: I’m gaining weight

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  1. Bee_001
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    2 posts
    18 June 2019
    I’ve always been the type where my weight has remained pretty consistent however in the last 6 months I’ve gained almost 10 kilos which is a lot for me. I know why I’ve gained the weight a poor diet and some medicine that I take. It’s not the worse as I’m still maintaining a healthy weight and exercising but it doesn’t help my body image. If anyone has some tips that’d be great.
  2. therising
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    19 June 2019 in reply to Bee_001

    Hi Bee_001

    With consciousness being the key to our own personal evolution, you are obviously already in the process of change.

    I heard it said just yesterday 'The human animal is the only animal on Earth that goes on a diet. All other animals have a diet (way of life)'. So true. Other animals instinctively know what's best for them in regard to optimal function; and, yes, that's pretty much what a lot of it comes down to - function.

    I'd seen a dietician in the past for a number of reasons (help for my dad, my mum, my son and myself). It was an incredible educational experience. I thought it would all just be about 'Eat this food/Eat that food', but it wasn't. It was also about understanding the body's functions and why it needs what it needs from a balanced diet. With my son and I going vegan last November (we're now vegetarian), my research into food has resembled a journey down a rabbit hole, with so many twists and turns. It's bizarre to think that everything we put into our body creates a chemical reaction within us. There are reactions which increase fat stores, ones that impact our insulin levels, ones that raise our level of serotonin (the happiness hormone) and...well...the list goes on and on. So, a healthy diet really becomes about creating positive chemical reactions within our self. There will be side-effects from those reactions whether the food is good or not so good.

    When looking at it all in this way, we shift from 'having a good looking body' to 'having a body that appears healthy', because it is. And if you want to take the concept of food a step further: Both quantum scientists and spiritualists acknowledge that all living things vibrate on certain frequencies. When ingested, higher frequency foods (aka natural foods from the earth) will encourage our body and our mind to vibrate at higher frequencies. It is those higher frequencies that often have us feeling deeply connected to life (the spiritual aspect). When our frequency/energy is vibrating at higher levels, we are referred to as 'being energetic'.

    Food is pretty powerful stuff in so many ways. I believe the next step following consciousness or the desire to change our diet involves education. The best education comes from well educated folk who are enthusiastic about our evolution. I recommend a good dietician as part of the research.

    Take care and enjoy the adventure :)