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Topic: I have no friends

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  1. FattyOctxpus
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    28 November 2018


    This is my first time posting on Beyond blue and I just need some advice.

    I'm 15 and have no friends, well technically I do, but they barely talk to me, they don't even talk to me, they don't even make eye contact with me. I basically just sit with them, and I know for a fact that they despise me.

    I don't really relate or connect with anyone else in my grade and I have issues with talking to people. I think I might have social anxiety and/or depression. I've had an eating disorder since I was 12, but I think I'm too fat to have an eating disorder. I've recently stopped talking to that group of friends I sit with after realizing that the friendship wasn't going to go anywhere good. I have no one else to sit with so I just hid in the toilet stores.

  2. RT93
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    28 November 2018 in reply to FattyOctxpus

    Hi FattyOctxpus,

    It's really great that you have decided to post on here and ask for help! It can be scary asking for help, so well done.

    Have you considered talking to a trusted teacher or maybe you parents about your concerns?

    How do you know that your friends despise you? In your current friendship group do you have one particular person that you can try to connect with and chat to? Maybe ask them to hang out with you and build that friendship up. You said that you have had an eating disorder since you were 12, did you see a counsellor about that?

    I know it can be really hard to deal with things when you feel as though you are having issues with friends and connecting with people, but it's great that you have decided to connect with people on these forums.


  3. Star Jasmine
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    28 November 2018 in reply to FattyOctxpus

    Hi Octxpus,

    Sorry that you're struggling at the moment but good on you for having the courage to post here. It's not easy getting help but you've made a good start.

    As RT93 said, perhaps you could talk to your parents or a teacher, or a school counselor? Perhaps there are some underlying issues causing your anxiety/depression and eating disorder that you need to talk about?

    As for your eating disorder, don't think that you are too fat! People of all shapes and sizes can have eating disorders, not just the cliche of skinny anorexic girls. Have you you been getting professional help for this?

    Are there any other people that you get along with at school? Maybe you could try changing the group you sit with since you're not connecting with the current ones.

    Sending you virtual hugs!