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Topic: I have depression and anxiety but i'm too anxious to tell anyone, what do i do?

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  1. James_U
    James_U avatar
    1 posts
    2 June 2019

    So I've been fighting anxiety, since i was about 5 (i'm now 16) and in the past few years I've started to become more and more depressed, as a result of my anxiety.

    its gotten to the point where its really starting to effect my life, for example: i cant get a job, cause i'm to anxious to go to a job interview. And i don't see my friends much anymore, because sometimes i'm to anxious to even leave to house.

    I've only ever told one person (a really close friend of mine) about my depression and anxiety, and i could never even begin to imagine telling my parents, and even if i somehow gained enough courage to tell them, I'd still be to anxious to see someone about it.

    so i don't know hat to do, i need help, i just don't know how to get it.

  2. Scared91
    Scared91 avatar
    2 posts
    3 June 2019 in reply to James_U

    Hey ....

    wow .. and good on you ..

    since you were 5 I can’t even imagine ..

    the fact you told atleast one friend tells me that you feel super comfy around this one person?

    If you are ok with it maybe try go out to places with this person you have told or even if you do go out to places know and plan yourself an escape route ...

    youve told your mate and you are now here telling us so that is two amazing steps forward for you.. so you should be proud of yourself for that much...

    tell your family definitely if you are comfy ... to do so ...

    theres breathing techniques you can google to try help you in certain situations which may help you ..

    seeing my inlaws use to get me so anxious to the point is cry before and after and be like in panic mode for the whole time I saw them was horrible..:

    I hope you find your own way to cope with this and it gets easier for u ☺️ Which it has for me ..

    the more I reached out to similar people the more it helped me