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Topic: I feel numb

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  1. Arose
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    10 April 2019


    i was with this guy on and off for over a year and then he started to talk to one of my best friends and they started dating. It’s now been a year since that all happened and they have broken up and he started talking to me again. We had sex and now he acts like I don’t even exist and a part of me still wants him even though he has walked all over me and used me. I feel so empty and sad.

  2. quirkywords
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    10 April 2019 in reply to Arose

    Hello Arose and welcome to the forum. This is a friendly place full of kind and supportive people.

    I can understand how empty and sad you feel as this boy seems to have not treated you well.

    Can you say why you feel like you want him.?

    How do you think you will feel if you left him?

    I wonder if you have spoken to him about how he makes you feel?

    thanks for making this post.