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Topic: I feel lost

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  1. sadisticgorl
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    3 July 2019

    Hi all,

    im sorry for that title I’m very new to this thing, hopefully this can help me cope with my anxiety. As you can probably tell I am not an adult and barely a teen yet, and I know you’re saying “how can this girl who’s barely even a teen have anxiety?”. And you may be right, I don’t want attention or anything I just want to be heard.

    Lately my heart is starting to hurt. My friends are slowly deteriorating and forgetting about me. We all used to be a group but now they’ve all broken up into little duos leaving me alone. They’ve all changed and barely even talk to me. But I can’t help it and I keep hanging on. I really wish I didn’t care so much, but it’s impossible, we were all the best of friends.

    one of the people in the group, she figured I was feeling a bit down and asked me if ‘I was okay’. We talked for a while but it didn’t feel she was supporting me. At the time I felt very happy, “maybe I can get back with the group, maybe we could all be friends again.” That was what I thought.

    But she never came back, she hasn’t texted me or asked and none of the rest of them realise how much they’ve excluded me. But I keep wanting to go back, and I’m terribly antisocial so I haven’t made any other friends.

    Ive been trying to reconnect, but I fear it’s just me who wants them back. I’m always the one texting first and they answer with vague replies or after a long time. I think I’m trying to hard, but when I don’t try I keep thinking of all the great times we’ve had together and my heart aches.

    This isn’t much to share but slowly I’ll unwind more here, as I’m a newbie. The answer may be clear to you all, but I’m at a loss. Please help me !

    much love to you all who are suffering just as I am <3

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  2. iamtrying
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    3 July 2019 in reply to sadisticgorl

    hey there,

    i’ve read your post and just want to say that i hear you and relate!!! i went through that exact same thing in high school (i graduated 3 years ago) and it wasn’t fun at all, one friend i lost i knew since before kindergarten and when we broke apart it hurt so bad! i lost heaps of friends in high school and after a hospital trip when i was in year 12 before my 18th birthday i lost the last 2 friends i had later that year!

    im definitely scared to make new friends and talk to people and even trust them because i’ve constantly been hurt and let down but hopefully one day i find the love and support i deserve!!!

    im sorry to hear this is happening to you and you’re experiencing this, yoir feelings are valid and matter no matter how old you are! i’ve had anxiety for most of my life, but yeah just know i hear you and understand you and if you wanna reply i’m here!!

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  3. quirkywords
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    10 July 2019 in reply to sadisticgorl

    Welcome sadisticgorl, to the forum.

    Thanks for writing your first post and this place is a great place to be heard and to listen to others.

    Friendships in high schools can change and will change after school. It can hurt when you feel you don't belong to a group and at the same time you do not want to appear to be too needy.

    You are not alone and you are supported here. I am not sure there is an answer except you may find there are other people who could be your friends . It is hard to make new friends if everyone seems to be in groups but sometimes just going up and saying hi and maybe you may be in a class together so you can talk about that.

    I left school many years ago and since the last reunion I have made friends with people who never spoke to me at school.