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Topic: I don’t know what to do

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  1. Burnedtagent08
    Burnedtagent08  avatar
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    1 September 2019

    Hey, So im just gonna get straight to the point (it’s not really straight to the point)

    I’m talking to my ex we dated like a year ago and then we broke up cause she wasn’t ready but then she started seeing another guy like a month later and she’s on and off with him and she’s on and off with me. Like she plays games online with him only because she wants to learn as he has experience but she doesn’t want to be with him because he is like 22 and she is 16. And she also doesn’t want to distance her self from him as she is scared of what he will do (which I believe is an excuse for her to stay with him or vice verca) anyways me and her starting talking again and I really like talking to her and being around her because she just makes me happy but I just don’t like how she has to keep talking to her ex that’s a bit annoying cause I get jealous easily and i tend to overthink and assume a lot too so my thoughts are driving me crazy.

    and then my friends oh gosh my friends I don’t really think they are there for me like the group just feels fake and like I don’t think they really want me there and I just feel left out a lot and it hurts I’ve talked to them about this but it’s happening again. I don’t think they are the right group but they are so judgemental and I don’t wanna leave them cause I do care about them it’s just that I want them to understand me but I don’t really think they seem to care much about my feelings like for example if I went and sat and hanged out with another group they would all be distant towards me and it’d just make me feel excluded and lonely

    gosh I just feel like I have no support so I came here looking for answers with someone who has experienced something similar

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  2. smallwolf
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    1 September 2019 in reply to Burnedtagent08

    Hi Burnedtagent08 ,

    welcome to beyond blue.

    Are you in high school? My son went through an experience to your story (end of 2nd paragraph) in year 10-11 and it is not a nice feeling! But he would eventually find a group of people he was comfortable with later on.In years 11 and 12 ALL my friends from previous years were in different classes, doing different subjects to me and I felt like I was on the outer.

    what you do you think your friends don't understand about you?

    Is there anyone in your group of friends you could perhaps talk to?

    Here - you will find people that you can say what you like and not have to worry about being accepted, feeling judged or whatever. If there is something troubling you, feel free to explore it here as the users and/or myself will respond as we can. After all, connection is important and being who we are.