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Topic: Help I'm scared to go home

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  1. HoneyDragon
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    22 May 2019
    Me and my brother left school for an hour to talk to our mum (we live with our dad so we don't see her much) and we did it without my dad knowing and he somehow found out and he is very very angry and I don't know what to do. My brother isn't worried because my dad favours him but I'm terrified. (I'm not in immediate danger) What do I do?
  2. Soberlicious96
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    22 May 2019 in reply to HoneyDragon

    Hi Honeydragon,

    If you are not in immediate danger, than perhaps you could go to a friend's house for a day or two, until your Dad calms down a bit. I don't know the situation with your family, so I am a bit hesitant as to what to say.

    But what I can also tell you is that there is always help available; kids helpline - 1800 55 1800 - is a number for kids to call (ages 13 to 17) for help with family issues, among other things.

    If you want to check out the website, then here is the link;

    I do hope that helps a little. And if I/we can help any further, please don't hesitate to let us know. Take care. xo

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