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Topic: Hello. New Here.

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  1. richo97
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    3 January 2019

    Hi all,

    After an emotional breakdown in front of my mother, we both agreed its time i start making an effort to improve my mental health, which is why I'm new here.

    For about 4-5 years, I have been dealing with a combination of social anxiety, agoraphobia and depression. I am 21 now, so for the better part of my teen years, I have been introverted and unable to be a typical young adult. The worst thing I have is agoraphobia, I simply cannot leave my house no matter what I do.

    I have been couped up in my room for months, literally not leaving my house for 4 months. I get severe anxiety attacks when I do leave my house, with diarrhea and horrible stomach pains being constant for me. My agoraphobia is so bad that I can't go to see my GP which is 5 minutes away by car. I have taken medication for anxiety but that has been little help.

    I have lost friends due to not being able to go out with them, as such only having maybe 2 friends, and unfortunately they aren't the best of friends. I live alone with my mum, who works a lot and who endures financial hardship just to keep a roof over our head. The fact that I can't help out by getting a job makes me feel worthless and like an utter disappointment as a son.

    I am also gay, having broken up with my ex about 3 months ago. Not leaving the house played a role in the breakup. I have terrible self-esteem, which causes me to be severely depressed when nobody talks to me.

    The reason I have joined beyondblue is so that I can have a normal life and be able to support myself and my family. Being new here, I'm not sure what services are available to me, or how to proceed after this post. I have to admit that I have my doubts, since I am totally unable to leave my house at this stage.

    Thank you for reading. Any and all advice/direction would be really helpful to me. I just don't really know what to do next. All i know is that I need to get over this agoraphobia/diarrhea/depression. I owe it to myself and my mum to have a normal and happy life.

    Thank you

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  2. Quercus
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    3 January 2019 in reply to richo97

    Hi Richo97,

    Welcome to the forums and above all thank you for giving this a go.

    Although I have no idea how it feels to be agoraphobic to the extent you describe being isolated and feeling trapped at home is something I strongly relate to.

    You will find support and encouragement here but these forums are also a fantastic place to find purpose too.

    Like you I came here seeking advice and never left because replying to new members fills a sense of purpose and accomplishment lacking offline. After a while I was asked if I might like to volunteer.

    This is just one idea of many out there but my point is a career is not out of your reach. You have skills and talents and experience that is valuable and needed... You just haven't found a way to bring them into your life.

    It is disappointing for you that your ex was unable to cope with your anxiety but also it is something others here will relate to. Having a read of the carers section of the forums is helpful because we can read about what helps to maintain relationships despite our mental illnesses.

    A friend of Mum has a son managing severe agoraphobia. He works from home in IT. Has a wife too. It is cliche perhaps and I acccept that just because it worked out for one person doesn't mean it will be easy. It is just my way of saying it can happen.

    Everything might feel a bit hopeless right now but you're reaching out and trying and that is fantastic. Plus you have your Mum's support and a support network is vital.

    Is it possible to seek out a GP willing to do a home visit? There are psychiatrists that offer video consults but they are harder to find.

    I'll stop waffling. Glad you are here and it will be good to see more of you around wherever it suits you to join in.


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