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Topic: Grandpa's alzheimer's and my dyslexia (and dyscalculia) in school

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  1. Nelliel Tu
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    26 November 2019

    this is a bit heavy but.

    my grandpa was diagnosed with Alzheimer's a year ago or so and he has only gotten worse. His medication is not working anymore and he has become more violent. this is not my grandpa it's not the same man I grew up with. I feel scared for my grandma. she has become afraid of him. he threatened to kill her if she put him in a nursing home and I think she is slowing starting to become less and less mentally well. Don't worry there are people around who are investigating how violent he is, things are being done. this has put lots of pressure on my mum since she is an only child and is the only one who can take care of them and i miss my old grandpa and I want to help but I feel so useless. this happened just before my exams and now I'm sitting in my final year and feel like I can't go to school now. I'm so tired of being tired. as you can imagine this impacted my grades and now I am feeling even more powerless as I have my exams result back. My dyslexia and dyscalculia have always been an insecurity of mine but now it's even more powerful as one of my teachers told me what I hear every time "your ideas are good it's just getting them on paper." I'm so tired of having to keep this inside and worrying whether I'm a burden on others.

    (sorry I just needed to rant)

  2. white knight
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    26 November 2019 in reply to Nelliel Tu

    Hi, welcome

    I think it's time your grandpa went into aged care where they can cope with him.

    I also think your worry levels are too high.

    Relaxation is needed.

    I hope those threads help