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Topic: Financial Anxiety

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  1. Clern
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    24 January 2019

    Hi all, I’m a 19 y/o apprentice chef. I struggle often with depression and anxiety but mostly handle it fairly well. I have never missed a day of work for the near 5 months I’ve been there. However recently due to some events that are taking place with my Dad, who I live with, I’m growing increasingly anxious about my future. He has been unemployed for nearly two and a half years for little to no reason after being made redundant from his last job. He often drinks too much which can lead to him being aggressive and all that. He has never been violent towards me, and I feel safe around him and being in the house, but I would prefer to move out and into my own rental property. I’m paid very little for heaps of hours a week for being a full time apprentice, and I have absolutely no idea what things cost or how much I should be spending a week on groceries, rent and bill etc. I guess I just need someone with a bit of expertise to help me out, or just some tips or tricks everyone has to save money or tell if they’re being ripped off. My main concern is I’m not earning enough to be able to support myself and I don’t want to go into this blind and either end up back here or homeless because I’m bad at budgeting.


  2. Sophie_M
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    24 January 2019 in reply to Clern
    Hi Clern,

    Welcome to the forums.  You might want to have a read through this currently active thread:
  3. romantic_thi3f
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    24 January 2019 in reply to Clern

    Hi Clern,

    Welcome to the forums and thanks for your post.

    So it sounds like your main question is about what to expect money wise when moving out of home - is that right? It sounds like living with your Dad is still a safe space (you are financially supported by him and he isn't violent/makes you feel unsafe) so it's good to know that that can always be a home base for you.

    I think it might be helpful to start having a look at what it might be like to move out - a lot of the prices for things can be found on the internet, including rental properties. They'll often include things like housing bonds (an upfront payment), whether any utilities are included and whether the property is furnished or not.

    Here's a general website that has some things to consider:

    If this is sounding a bit too pricey, you might want to consider having a roommate or looking to see if you're eligible for any Centrelink benefits. It sounds like you'll fit the criteria for Youth Allowance given that you're 16-24 and doing an apprenticeship.

    Hope this is helpful! It's definitely more practical kind of advice but I'm kind of guessing this is what you're after.