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Topic: Feeling lost about my career/life path

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  1. Childatheart
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    8 April 2019
    I'm feeling a little lost.

    My backstory is I have my Certificate III and Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care (which I'll shorten now on to Childcare). I completed these recently.

    Currently I am working part time in After School Care but I don't like it so this week is my last week. I've already put in my resignation. I also resigned from an administrative job last month that I had for close to three years.

    I have applied for many jobs in Childcare such as Long Day Care. I've done interviews and trial shifts but I haven't heard back.

    I like Childcare, I like working with the children but there are so many reasons why I don't like it, the obvious ones being the pay and the staff are often bitchy and inflexible.

    I wouldn't mind being a Nanny but Nanny jobs are often hard to come by. The Nanny industry isn't as regulated and there isn't as much protection in terms of contracts, pay, leave and so on.

    Any advice?
    What should I do?
    Should I volunteer or study in the new term?
    If I were to study I wouldn't study Childcare again.

  2. White Rose
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    8 April 2019 in reply to Childatheart

    Hello Childatheart

    You are certainly facing a lot of decisions. You sound very overwhelmed by all the possibilities for yourself. I have found too many options make it almost impossible to choose the best course of action. There is always something that sounds better.

    Before you plunge into a new career or study may I ask what really gives you pleasure. If you are thinking of starting again so to speak, where or what would you like? Volunteering, study, a new job, these are means to an end but it seems you do not have a clear end in mind. I loved my children when they were small (still do) but I could not have managed a career in childcare. It's completely different. I say this because reality is so often different to our dreams and aspirations.

    What do you enjoy? Do you like to work outdoors or indoors? Are you creative and like making beautiful things? Are you a problem solver? Do you like being with others? I'm sure there are all sorts of work situations and environments that you would enjoy but going from one to another rarely works.

    You are also making assumptions about the people you will work with saying and the staff are often bitchy and inflexible. This may be true in some workplaces but it will always be true in some workplaces. Deciding on a career type because you think your fellow workers will or will not be bitchy does not make sense. I have worked in the same profession for many years and found my colleagues a mixture of fantastic through to dreadful. I still enjoyed the work I did.

    So it seems to me you must make a decision based on your strengths and skills. What you feel you can do and what you have to offer an employer. Once you can make this decision I believe a career change will be much easier. List everything you think you would enjoy and do a bit of research about them but always with an open mind. That way you can make the best choice for yourself.


  3. Childatheart
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    8 April 2019 in reply to White Rose

    Hello Mary,

    Thanks for your reply.

    If I were to study something different I could study Nursing. I know I like helping people but I also love creative things such as sewing clothing and writing stories. I also like things such as philosophy, mental health, science, literature, drama/acting, animals, food, nature and more. My interests are very varied so I feel like I have too many interests!

    From my work experiences and paid work in Childcare I did find a lot of staff were bitchy and there was a lot of bullying and tears going on. Some staff (a small group) were nice though.

    I'll just see how Childcare goes this time around. If it doesn't work out I'll think of something. I'm only twenty something, I'm young still.