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Topic: Failing TAFE and it's getting me down

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  1. LiamG
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    7 September 2019

    Hi, i started a tourism course at tafe back in July and i'm failing everything like i'm pretty much getting unsatisfactory back on every assessment i get, even from when i missed one thing or didn't have the right information for the other. Even people i have made friends with are getting unsatisfactory results and even the smart guy of the class got unsatisfactory on his assessment because he got something wrong! It is that ridiculous!

    But this is all honestly getting me down. I went to TAFE because i'm struggling to get a job and i wanted to study something that interested me, now i don't feel like doing it anymore. I have spoken to the teacher a few times, saw a counselor at the tafe and disability support services as i'm also having untreated ADHD and which i got medication for today and got medication also for my anxiety/depression. I'm also going to be getting a study plan and tutor and probably will have the course extend for me into next year because there is also too many assessments.

    But i honestly don't want to keep failing assessments and having to keep re-doing the course. I didn't expect for it to be like this, i didn't expect pay all this money and enroll just to get unsatisfactory marks even on something minor.

    All i've done these past few years is work a small security job and be at home all day. I hated being at home all day doing nothing but now i feel worse from failing in this course, all i'm glad about is from going to tafe is getting out of the house and meeting new people.

  2. Croix
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    9 September 2019 in reply to LiamG

    Dear LiamG~

    Welcome here, I've read some of your other posts about being kissed and being excluded from a group. You are obviously a sensitive person that takes such things to heart.

    Being sensitive is a mixed blessing but I believe on the whole an important advantage, as you get to understand others better from your experiences. This in turn can lead to richer relationships and wisdom.

    You are also a proactive sort of person, seeking remedies to problems. going to TAFE was in response to the terrible job market and a move not only to improve your chances a but do something interesting -both good ideas.

    I'm sorry your marks are not what you would like, is may be in part due to the attitude of the teacher, as others face the same problem that might indeed be part of it.

    It may also be partly that your conditions, anxiety, depression and ADHD have hindered your efforts.

    Again you sound proactive, having seen disability services, been and obtained treatment and are thinking of getting a study plan and a tutor - together wiht an extension. These are all very sensible options.

    Having even a small job is a bonus too.

    I'd be very hopeful that everything taken together will get you to a level you are happy with.

    Please let us know how you go