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Topic: exams suck. so does school

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  1. wildcat101
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    6 posts
    8 June 2019

    here comes the worst week of the year. Exam week. This year has been the worst. I think i’m going to fail not because i don’t listen in class not because i don’t do my homework. Just because i’m always so stressed. I need to study but i am either always too tired and depressed to even sit down and think about doing work.

    What we spend like nearly 7 hours at school just to get home and do more school. Surely that’s illegal oh wait nope that’s how it works. i do sport everyday so i never have time after or i am just way to worn out to even think about studying. everyone’s always like school is first priority but without my other activities i would feel even worse. i get home after a long day and just want to go to bed so i can’t get my homework done. and the next day i can’t concentrate because i am either stressed about not getting work done the night before or to tired because i stayed up all night getting it done. and when i’m tired my anxiety levels go up so much and coping at school gets really hard

    Also you only get one chance at school if you mess that up then your practically stuffed for your entire life and that’s a lot of pressure that everyone carries around i feel i’m the only one who even thinks about that.

    And when i get home from a stressful day at school, home if even worse. My dads first priority is to eat, mum probably has had a bad day at work and is feeling sick cause of her health problems. and my brother has a test that he has to do. like hello i’m here too just because i don’t have learning issues like him doesn’t mean i don’t struggle with school. i mean i would say i am smarter then the average bear but i always feel like i have to carry that on my back all the time and live up to that expectation. if i fail it’s like well did u study hard enough instead of my brother he gets the don’t worry about it just aim for the next one.

    Thanks for the vent feel free to reply back with all the stuff that goes on in your life.

  2. MsPurple
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    9 June 2019 in reply to wildcat101

    HI wildcat

    I know school can be tough. The hours can be long and having multiple commitments can make it hard to time manage. I find that I am a great procrastinator (or procrasti-napper)

    Have you talked to your parents about how you feel in terms of the stress and pressure? I know if you don't feel comfortable school councellors are good. I also know there is a youth mental health service. They have centres across AUstralia as wel as an online service. For more info see

    I know the idea of getting a great score can feel like a huge burden. I just wnat you to know that you don't need to have a 99.99. There are other ways around it. I did a bachelor followed by a masters degree. I could have done a double bachelor degree, however I didn't get the score, but I am just as qualified. My friends fiance didn't finish school. He became a butcher. He decided after doing it for a few years he wanted to become a registered nurse. He did a bridging course at uni which gained him entry into a bachelor of nursing. He has recently also done a post grad paramedic course (duel qualified). He is only 27. I am just wanting to let you know that you can get a career regardless of score.

  3. continuousventer
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    19 posts
    9 June 2019

    I also have exams next week. I'm not looking to it because these are my first university exams. One's about a unit for professional health practice and psychology :(((( ACK!

    I have studied but I feel like maybe it's not enough?

    In my final year, I was always stressed and down. However, I still kept studying. I feel like maybe you need to consider how you manage your time like maybe construct a timetable and fit in study. Put all the things you like and then work out when you are going to study. You don't need much study just 2-3 hours a day is better than none at all.

    If you mess up with school, it's not entirely the end. I went to school as a mature aged student because I wanted to get out of the poverty cycle. There's other pathways to university.

    Good luck!

  4. Lemon123
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    3 posts
    15 June 2019 in reply to wildcat101

    Hey wildcat101.

    I am a year 11 and 12 teacher in Victoria. School and exams do suck. All that homework should be illegal. It's all way too much and it is NOT ok. We hear you and we feel you. Every single day.


    Youre going to find something that you enjoy and you're going to find fun and support and love around you. It's just not here yet. Keep up your sport and remember that feeling well is the most important thing before school. School is important but it isn't more important than you.

    I wish I could change the way school is. One day I will build something like that into my teaching but alas, I am new and find it very hard to get through, and I am the one writing, not sitting the exams!

    Hang in there, mate. This too shall pass. I hope you feel relief soon and learn to let the bad times go so you can find something to laugh about and relax a bit. Life is too short for all this stress!

    Sending you non-weird, professional love and virtual cuddles. I am so with you.

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