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Topic: Easily Irritated and angered

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  1. spesc
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    21 December 2018

    I was hoping to get some advice on whether there's an issue or if I'm just overthinking this

    Every few weeks there's a short period of time where literally everything makes me angry or irritated, even the smallest of things like someone asking me to repeat something or even a slow walker.

    This has been happening for roughly 1 and a half years now but I have only recently started to look for answers as i've been more aware of it. I haven't spoken to my parents about it but whenever they see i'm in this mood I always end up making them angry and they say I have a bad attitude.

    I have reason to believe it's just normal teenage stuff or even pms but it's never just the week before my period or the week of. I always end up yelling at people and making them mad/upset and I feel like I can't stop it or control it, it just comes out. I can never bring myself to apologize either, instead I just stay mad and regret it all in my head, which makes me upset too. I can only calm myself down when i'm alone or if no one is speaking to me but i'll get angered again easily.

    I've googled all I can but there's so many things and not all of them fit completely, there would be bits and pieces that make sense and then other parts that wont. I don't want this to ruin my relationships with others as sometimes I don't want to see anyone or even leave my bedroom.

    Any advice would be great!!

  2. Rabbit33
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    21 December 2018 in reply to spesc

    Hi Spesc,

    Firstly, i think it's great that you have reached out and are in search of answers. It's also great that you have become aware of these feelings and showing remorse for the outbursts. I think the best option for you may be to address this with a professional. Without knowing the ins and outs of your circumstances or the examples of what's happening in these moments. I am also not a doctor nor psychologist and i'm not able to provide answers for you but i think talking with someone in confidence may assist you best and help you understand why you react certain ways and what triggers these moods. They should also be able to help you strategies dealing with situations in the future in a more productive way that doesn't create unwanted feelings surfacing.

    I understand that you are a teenager, so you would most likely need your parents consent to see a psychologist. You would likely have to speak with them first but if you feel uncomfortable doing this, remember that you don't have to go into specifics, just that you think you may benefit from having a few sessions with a psych to help you deal with the pressures around you. Also let them know that a referral from the doctor may be able to grant you sessions through medicare, so they won't be out of pocket or the cost will be minimal. I'm sure they'll understand and be willing to give you the support you need.

    I hope this helps and if you have any other questions or require support, please feel free to respond.

    best of luck!

  3. Barbie2005
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    6 posts
    28 December 2018

    Hi Spesc,

    If you are a teenager, this is probably just the hormone levels changing, and it is nothing to worry about. This happens to every teenager (if not, there is something seriously wrong with them). It can also happen during menopause, or while you are pregnant.

    If it hard for you to control this, or it is very irritating for you, you might want to see a professional, such as a physiologist.

  4. Unbeliever
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    28 December 2018 in reply to spesc


    You are definitely speaking my language... irritation and anger are probably 2 of my most defining characteristics.

    ... and I am long past being able to blame it on "teenage hormones".

    For me I have found when I am going through these "everything gets on my nerves" periods, I realise that I am at least on a subconscious level angry about something specific happening in my life that I am consciously trying to avoid thinking about... and this results in me taking out that frustration on literally anything else.

    I have learned to deal with this in 2 ways...

    1) Find out what it is that is I am really angry/ frustrated about and try to confront it rather than avoid it. The "grab the bull by the horns" approach.

    Or 2) If it is something that can't be dealt with directly (which does sometimes unfortunately happen) I acknowledge it and accept that the people who I unfairly take my frustrations out on are not directly responsible for the thing that is really upsetting me... and are not personally to blame for it.

    This acceptance and acknowledgement helps me rein it back during difficult times a little, and if it ever persists despite that... then I explain it to certain people, apologise and ask them to give me a bit of space for a little while. This method was a little weird for some close friends and family at first, but they understand it now when I say it they listen and now no-ones feelings get hurt by accident.

    These methods are the ones that work for me. Hopefully they might help you too.