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Topic: Do I have Anxiety?

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  1. Ashely
    Ashely avatar
    30 posts
    21 November 2018

    I feel sick ,worried that something bad is going to happen and whenever I feel that something bad does happen.

    I wish I didn’t feel like this is there anything that can help me ?.

  2. Terry73
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    10 posts
    21 November 2018 in reply to Ashely

    Hi Ashely,

    I responded to your other post on here, but I'll respond here to this issue too.

    Its that de-ja-vu type omen feeling huh? and then it happens and you feel even worse, and you cant ever seem to avoid it.. this is very familiar to me as well.

    The way I cope is I deal with every day as it comes, and not put too much thought into the future other than basic plans for direction and purpose. I realize that even though bad things may occur, good things happen too, and those good things are well worth staying around to experience, even if you have to go through all those hard times to get there, its still well worth the effort. Those bad things that happen, they also help build you into something better as well (if you keep that frame of mind).

    So for right now, think of things you can do that will either a) put you into a good frame of mind, b) lead you on to those good things you want in life, and c) keep you focused on developing yourself into someone you want to be.

    Hope this helps


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  3. Ashely
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    30 posts
    21 November 2018 in reply to Terry73
    The reason why I said that was because one afternoon I fell out of the blue , then last term holidays I feel again on the exact same date .Yes,I do get that de ja vu feeling!.
  4. Ashely
    Ashely avatar
    30 posts
    24 November 2018 in reply to Terry73

    When I first fainted on 8th January this year I never thought that I would faint again then in term 3 I fainted on the 8th October I was really shocked to know it happened again.

    But now I think of it I’ve had been feeling worried since the second time I fell and I’m only worried about that something like that will happen again to me .I really hate this feeling .I do want help

  5. Croix
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    234 posts
    24 November 2018 in reply to Ashely

    Dear Ashely~

    I'm afraid I've not been able to read everything you might have written so if I make a wrong assumption about anything I apologize in advance.

    It comes across pretty clearly that worrying about what is going to happen is taking up a big part of your life. Also that at least a couple of times you have fainted.

    Dealing with the fainting first. Have you been to the doctor to be examined to see if there is a physical cause for this? Losing consciousness is not something that should happen and should be treated seriously.

    With the worry, déjà vu and general feelings something horrible going to happen I'd think you should try for some professional help, at least to see if you have something that needs to be treated. Life should be so much better than constant worry, it should be enjoyable!

    In case you have not thought about it there are several ways to start the ball rolling and get help. Maybe talking to you parents - are they understanding people who care?

    Maybe a councilor or teacher you like at school, or there is an excellent service called the Kids Help Line (1800 55 1800) who are very experienced with problems like this.

    You may wonder why I talk about getting help, it's simple, that is the only way I improved.

    What do you think?


  6. Ashely
    Ashely avatar
    30 posts
    24 November 2018 in reply to Croix
    I fainted the 1st time because of low blood sugar levels the 2nd time I had low iron levels. I know I should tell me school chaplain but I don’t know how I will tell her. I don’t really want to tell my parents they may not understand me/I don’t really want to tell them.Thankyou for the advice though
  7. Ashely
    Ashely avatar
    30 posts
    25 November 2018 in reply to Croix

    I do know that my Mum would listen since I’ve already told her my feelings.

    I do want to talk to my school chaplain but I would have to wait until Wednesday or Thursday.

  8. Croix
    Community Champion
    • Outstanding members who have volunteered their time to support others here on the forums
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    234 posts
    25 November 2018 in reply to Ashely

    Dear Ashely~

    Those low levels are a bit of a worry, are you the sort of person that skimps on meals?

    I'm pleased you are going to talk to someone, always being anxious is horrible, and if you are like me professional help was the way to get better. Do you have to wait to see the chaplain or can you ask your mum to take you to the doctor?


  9. Ashely
    Ashely avatar
    30 posts
    26 November 2018 in reply to Croix

    Yes,being worried does mean I will skip the meal.

    I do want to wait to see my Chaplain.

  10. Barbie2005
    Barbie2005 avatar
    6 posts
    28 December 2018

    I’m not an expert, but that does sound a lot like Anxiety. If it’s about a lot of things, random and general - it is probably Generalized Anxiety Disorder. (GAD)

    Perhaps you could speak to someone your trust about this? Or perhaps your doctor - they might advise you to go to a psychologist/counseling. You could also talk to online counseling - somewhere like BeyondBlue or KidsHelpline.

    I think it would be best to get checked, just in case. You might get anti-anxiety medication or some treatments (such as CBT).


  11. Ashely
    Ashely avatar
    30 posts
    30 December 2018 in reply to Barbie2005
    Thank you for your advice. I don’t really have anyone to talk to.That will understand how I’m feeling.Yesterday I was at my worst that I’ve been feeling. I was nervous I was vomiting because I was sick with gastro it was even worse since my birthday was yesterday.