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Topic: Crush on a guy at work

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  1. whattodotodo
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    6 posts
    2 February 2019

    I think I have a crush on a co-worker at my part-time job, and I think he likes me to???

    However, I have great difficulty showing affection to someone I have a crush on because i dont want them to know i like them...probably a fear of rejection. He is my favourite co-worker and fun to talk to.

    How can I show this person I like them? I dont want them to think I dont appreciate them, because I really dont want to lose this relationship/friendship.

  2. quirkywords
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    3 February 2019 in reply to whattodotodo


    Thanks for starting your own thread.

    I am think relationships are hard with some one at work because if it does not work out , it can be awkward seeing the same person every day.

    Is it possible to meet this person outside work? Maybe you can go for a walk with him during lunch hour.

    If you can take it slowly build up your friendship spend time together outside work, maybe you will feel more confident or have a better idea how he feels.