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Topic: Cheated on, Kicked out and currently see now value to life.

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  1. sadyounggirl
    sadyounggirl avatar
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    3 January 2019

    I have dealt with my fair share of heartbreak before but never this gravity. Two weeks ago I was broken up with (later found out there was cheating on his behalf during the relationship) and consequently was kicked out out the apartment as he owned the place where I had been living for the past nine months. I really tried to be the bigger person in the break up but then I found out he had already began seeing someone else I had extremely negative thoughts but also felt so guilty for hoping that he doesn't find happiness in the new relationship. As a consequence I completely removed him from my life and do not intend to associate with him ever again which was hard as he was my best friend. Problem is while I feel so hurt, angry, guarded and sad I feel completely empty and like half of me is missing which sucks because he hurt me so much. I also feel that I have lost a part of me in the relationship. I also have utterly no self worth anymore as being cheated on completely changed my perception of myself. I will always be wondering what she had an I didn't and why I will never be good enough. It kind of makes me feel that I have nothing to live for and there is no value in life at the moment. Whilst I have support of friends, family and a good job I just feel utterly worthless and devastated that someone I loved treated me in such a way. I understand that this is probably a blessing in disguise and so many people have told me I have dodged a bullet and I agree. However it doesn't change the everlasting feeling of sadness, anger, jealousy, guilt, loneliness, rejection and emptiness. Even when I try to distract myself with exercise or work I just feel so worthless , let down and just don't know how to get back to a place of happiness and want all of this to be over with (especially these feelings). Please help a sad young girl who is heartbroken and currently sees no value in anything.

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  2. monkey_magic
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    14 posts
    3 January 2019 in reply to sadyounggirl

    Hi sadyounggirl,

    Your post brought tears to my eyes. I rem feeling exactly the same. I went through the same thing except I left the place and still think about the other woman ( plz don't do it for as long as I have).

    It's absolutely rotten to feel as we have felt/ feel and you are an absolute queen for still exercising and working.

    U just have to go through those feelings hun and hang on. It's a roller coaster but I just know you have what it takes to get through to the other side.

    Write it down, talk about it, I call life line 131114 to talk/ vent, cry it out, scream it out. Go out with girlfriends when you're feeling stronger.

    Place your power and value in yourself not him. Now it's your time to find who you truelly r and to get through this rocky stage. It helps to have loads of support and I truelly hope you find that.

    Sorry this guy was such a douche. I'm 36 & have had my fair share of them trust me. Ask any woman and they'll tell u the same.