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Topic: CBF looking for work. Anyone else?

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  1. xhomeostasisx
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    5 December 2018

    It all seems so meaningless. I’m on a pension but wish I found something that I want to work towards enough to get off it. Then again I have dreams, but need to sort out this friggen debilitating anxiety. I’m too afraid to go to therapy. I’ve got like no real job references at 21 even though I’ve done volunteering and a little bit of work before I was 18 lol.


  2. Doolhof
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    7 December 2018 in reply to xhomeostasisx

    Hi xhomeostasisx,

    Hopefully you can find a way to get some help and support for your anxiety! Are there things that have worked for you in the past regarding dealing with your anxiety?

    Is your Dr able to help you with advice4? Are there any online resources you could connect to help?

    You are certainly welcome here to share how you are feeling.

    Could you ask for references from your past volunteer roles? Are you able to find a new place you might like to volunteer at?

    I'm at the other end of the work spectrum, over 50, have mental health issues and a horrid back and can't find employment but am not crook enough for a pension.

    I'm looking at seeking an extra volunteer role somewhere, especially so now the summer holidays are almost upon us and the usual groups I attend all close down for the holidays.

    Participating in something and being with people can be very beneficial.

    Wishing you well with your endeavours!

    Cheers from Dools